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Grand Marnier distils G.O.L.D. Stock for traceability and warehouse optimisation

Due to the new legislation in the USA on bio-terrorism, Grand Marnier has to locate and trace its entire production and distribution supply chain, from raw materials through to finished goods.

TNT Fashion Group Fulfils Oililys Worldwide Distribution Requirements using Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System

TNT Fashion Group Fulfils Oililys Worldwide Distribution Requirements using Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System

Fashion logistics specialist and supply chain technology leader combine to optimise global order fulfilment.

29 Sept - 2 Oct 2004, Logistics & Supply Chain Forum

Onboard the cruise ship Oriana

Gateway to RFID success

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is set to provide the next big shift in supply chain IT. A much-needed support network for retailers, suppliers and packaging firms alike is led by not-for-profit UK standards body, e.centre. David Weatherby, EPCglobal project manager for e.centre explains what this means for industry.

Are Supply Chain Software Providers Really 4 PLs?

There is an interesting phenomenon taking place right now within the supply chain sector. Unprecedented changes in the way the supply chain operates are placing new demands on IT systems while, in turn, developments in IT systems are opening up yet more novel ways of exploiting the chain - a self-fuelling cycle. Management can be forgiven for feeling insecure when making strategic decisions affecting the way they operate, or making decisions on their future IT infrastructure, in such a dynamically changing environment.

Supply Chain Management at 21

Outsourcing: The Next Wave of Supply Chain Value

Evolve to a network-enabled supply chain through transformational outsourcing to generate deeper cost savings, exploit technology investments and gain a competitive advantage.

Standstill and get hit

Standstill and get hit

Keep moving, evolving, strengthening your core business and skills and extending your range of offerings and above all look after your customers and partners. Sensible words like these seem trite when every business in the supply chain is striving to do its best. So what is this new editor going to do to help the subscribers of this magazine?


UDEX, the UK's leading data quality services provider, has recently announced its break through into the non-food service sector, securing a major deal with King Distribution & Services, part of the Autobar Group.

Optimal supervision of the cold storage supply chain with OBID i-scan HF Readers

FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH, manufacturer of the highly successful OBID i-scan HF product family, announced the release of firmware for thier product line that enables support of the KSWTempSense-transponder offered by KSW Microtec Corp., Dresden, Germany.

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