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Renovotec is the UK’s largest independent rugged hardware and maintenance, software and services company. Managing Director Richard Gilliard has helped lead the organisation for over 25 years, supporting customers across many sectors including warehousing and distribution, transport and logistics, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, seaports and field mobility. Richard's drive is to enable firms through…

Latest High Street `must-have`

Growth in Click & Collect has skyrocketed, implementing and optimising it will require real investment in retail and fulfilment technology.

‘Breaking’ news on next-gen wireless technologies

Understanding the impact of next generation wireless technologies. How will CBRS, Wi-Fi 6/6E and 5G affect your business?

The changing face of MPS

Front office Managed Print Services (MPS) is having to adapt because of hybrid working. Are similar changes taking place in back office MPS?

Lasting benefits of ‘last mile’

The pandemic presents an opportunity to make lasting changes to last mile delivery, both from a sustainability shift and an efficiency standpoint.

Fresh thinking about modernisation

Amazon Fresh's till-less London stores using sensors and cameras should be inspiring fresh thinking in modernising warehouses

Shifting sands of shopping logistics

The banning of click and collect in parts of the country only adds to retailers' logistics burdens. Agility and visibility brought about by technology are what will help them navigate this Covid landscape.

Staging flawless fulfilment

If warehouses focussed more on their packing, staging, loading and delivery processes, they’d be in a stronger position to avoid logistics disasters

‘Bots’ are the new Sherpas of the warehouse

With ParcelHero forecasting an Everest-size Christmas peak can robotic solutions help carry the operational load in warehouses?

If you’re not moving forward are you in reverse?

Having a sound reverse logistics strategy is going to be vital to maintain both healthy inventory turns and operating expenses.

Adjusting to ‘pre-new normal’

Everyone's talking about the 'new normal' and it's hard to see what exactly this will look like in the warehouse but, for now, technology is helping adjust to new requirements like social distancing.

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