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Indigo is a leading European warehousing and logistics provider, implementing warehouse management software solutions for dozens of happy and referenceable customers located across the UK, Europe and beyond. Established for over 35 years, we deliver and support a total warehouse management software solution with competence, expertise and integrity in a mission critical environment. Indigo…

Can warehouse management systems transform port operations?

The ability to store goods within a port warehouse is highly valuable, because it reduces the need to transport inbound goods onto a separate DC. How can a WMS help?

Dealing with excess inbound inventory – advice for the apparel industry

How do you manage a never-ending supply of stock that just isn’t selling at the usual rates? Warehouses using a WMS can potentially store 30% more inventory than usual, whilst still being able to operate efficiently.

Warehouse crisis management – How a WMS manages COVID-19 demand peaks

Whatever happens with the COVID-19 crisis, warehouses that are using WMS technology are certainly the best placed to meet customer expectations and have a future proofed operation when we emerge on the other side.

8 ways a digital twin can add value in the warehouse – using WMS data

Digital twins bring deep insights into the way warehouses are planned, designed, operated, and optimised. By fine tuning the efficiency of a warehouse, businesses can ensure greater profit margins are secured.

WMS tech means ‘business as usual’ in the warehouse every day

A warehouse reduces operating overheads during peak periods by up to 20% after introducing a WMS. Traditionally, warehouses have coped with busy periods by increasing labour resources – but this is expensive. Using a WMS makes a huge difference.

Cutting the financial and environmental cost of reverse logistics

For e-commerce companies, dealing with returns is a challenge. Processing goods quickly to minimise the time between them coming back to the warehouse and being available for re-sale can be a constant battle. This article explains how a WMS can help.

Be sure there’s no slave labour in your Black Friday warehouse

Warehouses need a lot of additional labour to fulfil BF demand, and workers are already scarce. At the same time, cases of modern human slavery are up 35% in the past year and the warehousing sector is considered a higher risk.

What are the benefits of investing in warehouse automation?

Warehouse automation is a very broad term and means different things to different organisations. Whether you are interested in full or partial automation, this article explains the benefits - from the more well understood to less obvious.

How will automation impact warehouse operations and management?

Having a warehouse entirely run by robots is probably bit too futuristic for most manufacturers, the reality will be somewhere in between. What skills will the next generation of warehouse managers need?

Warehouse simplification to support business growth and efficiency goals

Why is it that some companies continue to experience less than optimal operational performance and data visibility? Indigo’s Consultancy Manager, Mark Wilkinson, explains common root causes and the importance of business process simplification.

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