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Iqubal Singh Pannu

Iqubal Singh Pannu is Senior Solutions Consultant at AEB in the UK and has been with the company since 2006. With considerable consultancy and project management experience, spanning several areas of the supply chain, Iqubal is advising companies on solutions for optimising supply chain performance and generating value through automated global trade and logistics processes.

Customs declarations: Digitising and integrating is the way to go

In our digital age, companies are under pressure to modernise their international supply chains. Cut costs, stay ahead of the competition, and meet the growing demands of customers: these are the most important challenges. What is the best strategy?

Violating sanctions: Black & Decker settlement shows need for effective compliance solutions

A USD1.9m settlement between a US agency and a US corporation highlights the strict approach to violations by U.S. regulators. It’s clear that companies engaged in global trade need sound compliance programmes to avoid regulatory violations and fines.

The Netherlands reap Brexit dividend as UK uncertainty continues

While uncertainty continues to surround the UK’s exit from the European Union, Brexit is already creating a solid foundation in the Netherlands. Dozens of UK companies “have gone Dutch” by now – will there be more to follow?

Why digital is key: Brexit risk mitigation and future supply chains

Ongoing Brexit debates and Parliament developments continue to make headlines without delivering official and actionable news for businesses regarding the terms of the UK exit from the EU by 29 March. What should traders do?

Brexit: Being ready for any scenario and moving forward with digitisation

The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union at 11pm on March 29. Yet we’re still no wiser as to if, how and under what conditions this is going to happen. Faced with this uncertainty, how can companies prepare?

How to build a Smarter Border

Whether there will be a hard Brexit or no Brexit at all, the borders between countries in Europe and elsewhere are probably on course for a massive shift toward advanced technologies.

Clear the track for digital customs management

Innovative IT is changing the way businesses manage their customs processes and service providers. What is the current state of affairs,and what are the prospects for the future? A new study has the answers.

No-deal Brexit and its impact on EU-only traders

In September 2018, the government published letters of advice and guidance for EU-only traders in the UK, outlining how a no-deal Brexit might affect them. How should companies prepare for customs procedures they’ve never been exposed to before?

The art of product classification

Sifting through dozens of sections, chapters, and subheadings in the tariff nomenclature to find the right code: Classifying products tends to be a complicated process requiring high levels of expertise. Here’s how to simplify things.

Choosing and integrating the right customs broker – a key ingredient for global traders

Many global trading companies outsource their customs management to customs brokers. What are the key aspects for broker selection, and how can businesses recognise and reduce the risks involved?

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