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Geoff Taylor

Geoff Taylor is Managing Director of AEB in the UK and has been with the company since 2017. Together with his team, Geoff works closely with manufacturers and traders across industry sectors to understand the impact of market developments on global trade processes and what it takes to build efficient and flexible supply chains in the digital age to ensure future success.

The top five megatrends of 2020

Supply chain and logistics is an industry that never stands still. It has to be flexible and respond to trends and challenges, often brought on by manufacturing advancement or trade wars. What are the latest trends on the horizon?

Digitisation – the boost you need to win in global business

Business is international and great opportunities await beyond country boundaries. But global trade procedures can be complicated, and businesses can’t afford delays at customs borders. That’s why digitisation is crucial.

Green, lean and run by machines? The future of supply chains

Our world is changing at a breathtaking speed. Every day brings reports of new technologies, innovations, and business models shaking up markets. What does the future have in store for supply chain leaders and operators?

Data sharing – the key to unlocking supply chain potential

How do you push the boundaries of your market offers to deliver service innovations and high-standard products while at the same time keeping profits up – in volatile markets and under increasing pressure?

Facts and figures: Logistics and supply chain management

How much will it cost to deliver a package in the future? What were the three biggest supply chain risks last year? Here are some interesting statistics around logistics, supply chain and global trade.

Modern supply chain management: Five tips for success

Today’s dynamic global trade environment makes successfully managing supply chains more challenging than ever before. Here are five tips for success to keep on screen.

Global trade – what are the keys to success?

The global trade outlook for this year is rather bleak. But here are some pointers on how to turn 2019 into a solid year for your global trade operation, regardless where your cargo lands.

No-deal Brexit scenario shows the need for a flexible IT landscape

Latest government notices make it clear: No-deal Brexit will mean more red tape and extra costs for importers and exporters. Here is how a flexible IT landscape can help to master future global trade challenges and what traders can do.

The cost of Brexit will be staggering. Prepare for impact.

Are you still waiting for the final Brexit deal? You shouldn’t. There’s a lot you can do right now to prevent it from hitting your profits.

Attention traders: Impacts of latest Brexit developments on global trade operations

While Brexit negotiations in Brussels continue, uncertainty remains on how movements of people, goods, and services into and out of the UK will be handled in the future. Instead of waiting, UK and EU traders need to take action now. There is much to do.

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