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How Can A Supply Chain Benefit From The IoT?

A mobile app development company should not have to sell their clients on the benefits of the Internet of Things. However, there are some very important questions that need to be asked. The Internet of Things has been a major game changer.

Step by step in the right direction: Kicking off the digital transformation

Everyone is talking about the digital transformation of logistics. But how can we identify the most promising projects, and how can we measure their benefit in key performance indicators? Management accounting strategies may offer clues.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Factory?

A smart factory is the future of manufacturing which makes the operations wireless, automated and agile. It enables intelligent monitoring and high-tech production process.

Talking up confidence; can voice technology help turn fortunes for logistics?

Confidence among logistics providers is at an all-time low. Few are planning on increasing headcount so maybe voice-directed technology can be the confidence boost they need.

Should Your Plant Switch to Automated Parts Inspection?

Transitioning to automated inspection is a costly and research-intensive project. To be a good investment, this transition must be carefully planned, and specific qualities must be identified. Plants that produce similar parts make ideal candidates.

Violating sanctions: Black & Decker settlement shows need for effective compliance solutions

A USD1.9m settlement between a US agency and a US corporation highlights the strict approach to violations by U.S. regulators. It’s clear that companies engaged in global trade need sound compliance programmes to avoid regulatory violations and fines.

6 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back for a Great Retail Experience

How do you make sure that customers keep coming back to you? Here are all the secrets to have a long-lasting and friendly relationship with your customers

Cutting the financial and environmental cost of reverse logistics

For e-commerce companies, dealing with returns is a challenge. Processing goods quickly to minimise the time between them coming back to the warehouse and being available for re-sale can be a constant battle. This article explains how a WMS can help.

Tips For Designing An Online Portfolio Focused On The User Experience

Currently, not only designers, photographers, illustrators, and other graphic artists choose to create a website that serves as their personal portfolio.

Modern supply chain management: Five tips for success

Today’s dynamic global trade environment makes successfully managing supply chains more challenging than ever before. Here are five tips for success to keep on screen.

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