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Location intelligence with geospatial data

While real-time location of a shipment or asset is an important data point for Logistics Service Providers, the personalized intelligence that can be derived from such data along with self-orchestration capabilities is the real value proposition

Prepare for even denser cloud coverage

Annual IT spend on cloud infrastructure has risen from virtually zero to $100 billion in a decade. Cloud networking now looks to be one of the next big areas for growth.

From Cost-First to Eco-First; A New Trend of ‘Lean and Green’ Supply Chains

Sustainability is a hot topic and will drive a trend of lean and green supply chains in 2020. This will see companies taking an environmental-led approach to improving efficiencies.

The top five megatrends of 2020

Supply chain and logistics is an industry that never stands still. It has to be flexible and respond to trends and challenges, often brought on by manufacturing advancement or trade wars. What are the latest trends on the horizon?

How IOT Does Improves The Future?

Technologies are created to help the future in many aspects. The important query that the technology must follow the rule of protection as it must not harm anyone.

What goes round comes round

Circular supply chains is where we're all headed but staff shortages are an issue in terms of fulfilling current and future demand. Technology is arguably the differentiator that will make careers in warehousing and the like more attractive.

ATEX Rugged Computers for Hazardous Environments

Workers in potentially explosive environments still need the backup of digital support but, unless rugged mobile devices have ATEX certification, they are not safe or legal for usage. So, what is ATEX and what impact will Brexit have on this Directive?

Customs declarations: Digitising and integrating is the way to go

In our digital age, companies are under pressure to modernise their international supply chains. Cut costs, stay ahead of the competition, and meet the growing demands of customers: these are the most important challenges. What is the best strategy?

Digitisation – the boost you need to win in global business

Business is international and great opportunities await beyond country boundaries. But global trade procedures can be complicated, and businesses can’t afford delays at customs borders. That’s why digitisation is crucial.

Essential App Features for Courier Drivers

If you work in the logistics sector, one of the most important pieces of advice to take on board is to embrace technology.

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