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Customs declarations: Digitising and integrating is the way to go

In our digital age, companies are under pressure to modernise their international supply chains. Cut costs, stay ahead of the competition, and meet the growing demands of customers: these are the most important challenges. What is the best strategy?

Digitisation – the boost you need to win in global business

Business is international and great opportunities await beyond country boundaries. But global trade procedures can be complicated, and businesses can’t afford delays at customs borders. That’s why digitisation is crucial.

Essential App Features for Courier Drivers

If you work in the logistics sector, one of the most important pieces of advice to take on board is to embrace technology.

Indispensable Software Solutions for Haulage Companies

In this digital age, remaining relevant and profitable in the logistics sector means investing in and utilising available technology at every opportunity.

6 Major Benefits of Collaborative Manufacturing

Thanks to changes in today's market, many organizations are moving towards collaborative manufacturing partnerships. It seems like a great idea, on paper, but what benefits does a partnership offer? Why is this a viable option? Let's explore it closely.

Why You Should Never Compromise on Logistics Services and Quality

Logistics – one simple word that can cause a lot of troubles for many entrepreneurs. Keeping everything under control from shipping to warehousing is an overwhelming yet critical process that can make your success or ruin your reputation.

Why choosing tablets should be a ‘tough’ call

Buying consumer tablets for harsh working environments could prove a false economy in the long run; TCO should be better considered in procurement decisions.

Green, lean and run by machines? The future of supply chains

Our world is changing at a breathtaking speed. Every day brings reports of new technologies, innovations, and business models shaking up markets. What does the future have in store for supply chain leaders and operators?

Life begins at 40

The barcode celebrated its 40th anniversary this month, its impact has been immense and is likely to remain so in the future in some guise or another

Technology Solutions to Help Managers and Owner Operators Manage Low Emission Zones

With ULEZs already in operation and more planned for other cities, it’s vital that those in the logistics industry put adopt measures to manage the ramifications of these zones. It’s never been more important to stay abreast of the latest technology.

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