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Choosing and integrating the right customs broker – a key ingredient for global traders

Many global trading companies outsource their customs management to customs brokers. What are the key aspects for broker selection, and how can businesses recognise and reduce the risks involved?

Why a till is just like a car

Why is a till like a car? No, it’s not a riddle! If you stop to consider them for a moment there are some rather unexpected similarities.

Brexit report: insights on risks, challenges, and opportunities in global trade

AEB’s 8th Annual Compliance Conference delivered insights from business leaders on global trade risks and opportunities under different Brexit developments, plus: a template for preparing a 2-year global trade action plan.

Smartphone Technology Comes to Rugged Logistics Computers

Is there a way to take advantage of capacitive touchscreen technology in demanding logistics environments?

How Mobility is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry is held as a relic of past glory, on the path to be dethroned by the new industrial forces of digital revolution.

All I want for Christmas…

When 'next day' delivery isn't soon enough what are the implications for delivery service providers?

Manufacturing Platforms of the Future Smart Factory

Manufacturing businesses need the flexibility to plan and execute in a dynamic environment with new technologies.

How will automation impact warehouse operations and management?

Having a warehouse entirely run by robots is probably bit too futuristic for most manufacturers, the reality will be somewhere in between. What skills will the next generation of warehouse managers need?

Rise of the Cloud

The October 2017 edition of Manufacturing & Logistics IT features a Special Technology Report on WMS and Voice picking. .

Artificial intelligence: When machines learn how to learn

Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly, with particular momentum in the logistics sector. A look at how self-learning algorithms are revolutionising planning processes and controlling machines – and where the boundaries lie (for now).

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