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Green, lean and run by machines? The future of supply chains

Our world is changing at a breathtaking speed. Every day brings reports of new technologies, innovations, and business models shaking up markets. What does the future have in store for supply chain leaders and operators?

Life begins at 40

The barcode celebrated its 40th anniversary this month, its impact has been immense and is likely to remain so in the future in some guise or another

Technology Solutions to Help Managers and Owner Operators Manage Low Emission Zones

With ULEZs already in operation and more planned for other cities, it’s vital that those in the logistics industry put adopt measures to manage the ramifications of these zones. It’s never been more important to stay abreast of the latest technology.

How Cognitive Manufacturing can optimize manufacturing operations?

Digital transformation of manufacturing businesses through new-age AI algorithms and cognitive computing has forged a realm of Industry 4.0.

Secrets To Creating Effective Web Forms

Web forms are common elements on every page as they are used as a more direct means of communication.

Data sharing – the key to unlocking supply chain potential

How do you push the boundaries of your market offers to deliver service innovations and high-standard products while at the same time keeping profits up – in volatile markets and under increasing pressure?

How Technology Solutions Are Powering Collaborative Logistics

For those of us working in logistics, it’s never been a more important time to nurture professional relationships in order to stay relevant and profitable.

WMS tech means ‘business as usual’ in the warehouse every day

A warehouse reduces operating overheads during peak periods by up to 20% after introducing a WMS. Traditionally, warehouses have coped with busy periods by increasing labour resources – but this is expensive. Using a WMS makes a huge difference.

How packaging can help cut food waste

As people are always on the go, packaging innovation to find ways to prevent spoilage can extend the shelf life of foods as well as design changes that allow for total consumption.

Facts and figures: Logistics and supply chain management

How much will it cost to deliver a package in the future? What were the three biggest supply chain risks last year? Here are some interesting statistics around logistics, supply chain and global trade.

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