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Safety Stock in Pharma: Solving the Goldilocks Challenge in Supply Chains with Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation is opening new opportunities to manage safety stock, one of the most critical elements in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Applications of Industrial Robotics You Can Apply Today

Robotics are all around us. Today, robots are helping manage the supply chains that bring us food and other goods, help keep our products and facilities safe, and even perform the inspections that keep our public infrastructure in good repair.

Global trade – what are the keys to success?

The global trade outlook for this year is rather bleak. But here are some pointers on how to turn 2019 into a solid year for your global trade operation, regardless where your cargo lands.

How well does your warehouse work?

Mobile technology in the warehouse has a beneficial effect on not just worker productivity, but also on accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Brexit: Being ready for any scenario and moving forward with digitisation

The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union at 11pm on March 29. Yet we’re still no wiser as to if, how and under what conditions this is going to happen. Faced with this uncertainty, how can companies prepare?

10 Tips for Improving Warehouse Safety and Efficiency

Warehouses are the backbone of most industries, serving as hubs for both storage and shipping. Safety and efficiency in these settings are paramount. Here are 10 quick tips that you can employ in any warehouse to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

How to build a Smarter Border

Whether there will be a hard Brexit or no Brexit at all, the borders between countries in Europe and elsewhere are probably on course for a massive shift toward advanced technologies.

The smarter way to asset manage

RFID is alive and well and used for asset management across a variety of industries and it's proving very useful for managing returnable transport items.

4 Reasons Why Powder Coating Is Good for the Environment

If you're looking to make your manufacturing business greener, consider powder coating for sealing and protecting equipment.

Why STO Could Be Next Year’s ICO?

Security Token Offerings (STO) is one of tech perception as initial coin offerings along with diversified tokens required by an asset. It is a business for something valuable accessible tokens.

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