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Smartening up goods in

More needs to be done to streamline and improve processes around inventory control and management as it's costing both time and money.

Managing Big Data for Small Business

Big data and the management of data is a massive issue if you don't have the right processes in place to manage and handle the data. More importantly the quality of the data.

Keeping up with the pace of change

The pace of technological change within the manufacturing, logistics and retail solutions space is rapid and unrelenting.

The New Role of the High Street

There is a new balance developing between the high street and ecommerce, and retailers must maintain a critical balance between offline and online trading in order to increase their chances of survival.

IoT security risks and how to overcome them

Drone deliveries, smart homes, fitness trackers – the development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is quickly advancing in many areas of business and private life. They make life easier - but what does it take to make them safe?

No more getting away with it

According to “The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report” 82% of online retailers increased sales in 2016. But there are fulfilment growing pains which will become increasingly challenging as businesses continue to expand rapidly.

Warehouse simplification to support business growth and efficiency goals

Why is it that some companies continue to experience less than optimal operational performance and data visibility? Indigo’s Consultancy Manager, Mark Wilkinson, explains common root causes and the importance of business process simplification.

Ensuring Data Security When Using Wireless Networks

Modern retail is heavily geared towards mobile users and consumers should be nervous about sharing their data, as not all retailers are able to provide a fully secure network.

Before or after Brexit: why supply chain success depends on global trade and customs procedures

Increasing global security concerns, ever-stricter bans and restrictions, upcoming changes in light of Brexit: why companies should scrutinise any customs barriers blocking their global logistics workflows now and in the future.

Maximize Product Value via Effective Labeling

The material cost of labels may seem small in comparison to most products, the value of accurate identification can be huge. Following are several best practices to mitigate risks and technology available to assure accurate product identification.

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