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Supply Chain Software for Business Continuity

Alysse Andrews-Columbus Global

A rise in environmental disasters, worker rights actions and economic instability means that there needs to be more consideration of the supply chain logistics and management. How are you to react when a disruption does occur?

What tops the IT Christmas wish list for suppliers?

Fiona Whyatt-Skout PR

Christmas can be the tipping point for those suppliers needing to sort out the agility of their trading platforms.

New Stanford University Study Confirms Importance of B2B Managed Services for Supporting International Expansion

Mark Morley-GXS

GXS recently announced a report from Stanford University’s Global Supply Chain Management Forum on B2B Managed Services. I’d like to share key findings on how B2B Managed Services supports global expansion projects across the manufacturing industry.

What you should know about the economy, consumer spending habits and supply chains

James Highland-University of Iowa

The economy on its face seems immensely complicated to most people. This is true in a sense, though the basic premises of economics can be understood by anyone. When understanding economics, one needs to understand the chain of how economics work. This is from large countries, all the way down to small cities and towns. Here, is what you should know about the economy, consumer spending and supply chains.

Communication – the strongest link in today’s retail supply chains

Nigel Illingworth-Retail Assist

Today’s supply chains are complex networks of interdependent elements, says Retail Assist’s Nigel Illingworth. Whilst each element must be optimised, nothing contributes more to supply chain excellence than good communication between all parties.

Android: the platform of choice for business growth and a more streamlined operation

As the continuous progress of Android technology grows and becomes more mainstream in business applications, it is important to be on top of the newest developments and be keen on what technology your competition is using.

Wireless or 3g Barcoding?

Following on from the recent 'down time' millions of o2 users have experienced recently, we ask the question of Barcode Technology: wireless or 3g.

Do Wholesale Distributors Think in Terms of Supply Chain Optimization?

Not all wholesale distributors think in terms of supply chain optimization—but they should. A wholesaler's network is a supply chain, regardless if it is regional or global.

Welcome to the Blog Zone

Welcome to the Blog Zone on It seems hard to believe that a whole decade and a half has passed since the hardcopy journal first came off the presses in 1997, closely followed by its closely associated feature-rich website.

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