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4 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Logistics Service

A company that deals with transportation and freight should get a professional logistics team or consultant. This is because logistics is one of the most important aspects of their business.

Future supply chain management technology

As the UK emerges from the economic slump, companies are preparing for future growth by improving their global logistics operations.

Retailers could combat changing room woes – with better sample management

According to research 64% of the female shoppers surveyed prefer to avoid changing rooms and purchase clothes in multiple styles and sizes to try on at home then return the ill-fitting items. Better sample management could solve this issue.

Parlez-vous Internet of Things?

In CSfD's latest blog, Helen Henshaw contemplates the Internet of Things. Although people may think that 2014 is going to be a pivotal year for IoT, Helen suggests an idea of a 'big breakthrough' underestimates the intricacies involved...

Adoption of Cloud B2B Services Continues to Grow in Japan

It has been 18 months since I first discussed how Japanese companies were taking a keen interest in moving to cloud based B2B services. I highlighted five reasons why Japanese companies were considering a move to cloud based B2B platforms.

Sainsbury’s takes a peck at Tesco in ethical egg comparison advert

The 30-second advert, launched during Coronation Street, promotes both the price and the ethical credentials of its Basics eggs, taking a peck at its rival Tesco in one fell swoop.

Spring Cleaning Your Supply Chain

It’s cleaning time. Turn that duster on your supply chain and examine your operations and processes, bringing your vendors and partners in to the process. This year’s big focus will be environmental audits, but don’t let a report be your only check.

Bringing it Altogether – EIM, B2B and IoT

This is my first blog writing for OpenText. OpenText I hear you say, have you changed companies?, well yes, GXS was acquired by OpenText on 16th January.

There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!

In this CSfD blog post, Ian is contemplating where the Internet of Things might take us this year...

Bracing For A Broker Shortage

The U.S. has lost nearly 40% of its brokers because of FMCSA increases to surety bonds. This will contract the market and may force broker and shipper innovation in data application.

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