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How easy it is to shop these days, and how it is now so taken for granted. So how did all that “stuff” get to the shops and stores in the first place?...

Why it’s important to manage your assets

In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, it has become more important than ever to ensure you’re managing assets efficiently. Here are our top ten reasons to consider a dedicated asset management system.

Productivity Improvements are Manufacturing’s Next Necessity

Manufacturers can overcome the projected economic slowdown by expanding advanced staging techniques to everyday operations and choosing new job sites based on the growth factors of education and immigration.

3D printing: what manufacturers need to know

Antony Bourne, global manufacturing industry director at IFS, looks at how 3D printing might impact manufacturers.

Beyond Software: Why the Culture of your ERP Provider Really Matters

An ERP system is more than just a piece of software, it's a commitment to a long-term relationship with your vendor and that's why the people behind the software really matter.

Using Business Process Modelling to improve service

Business Process Modelling (BPM) can radically improve the way a business operates if you invest the time in the initial stages

Different Methods of Conveyance by Freight Exchange

Transportation is a very ancient activity. Its success through the years is based on the simplicity of the concept. The transportation company has to get goods from one point to another. They have to do this on time and at an agreed price.

Are You Prepping for Peak Season?

Peak season is coming up. SKUs are rising in quantity and carriers are looking at a capacity crunch. How are you going to plan for the challenges that peak season brings?

Data Analytics and Big Data

It's been highlighted as one of 2014's hot technology trends, but what exactly is 'Big Data' and what do we need to know about it?

Are UK manufacturers too trusting of suppliers?

According to research by Achilles, only 51% of UK manufacturers actively check their supply chains for ethical malpractice such as conflict minerals or child labour, putting manufacturers, buyers and other parties at risk of reputational damage.

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