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How to build a Smarter Border

Whether there will be a hard Brexit or no Brexit at all, the borders between countries in Europe and elsewhere are probably on course for a massive shift toward advanced technologies.

The smarter way to asset manage

RFID is alive and well and used for asset management across a variety of industries and it's proving very useful for managing returnable transport items.

4 Reasons Why Powder Coating Is Good for the Environment

If you're looking to make your manufacturing business greener, consider powder coating for sealing and protecting equipment.

Why STO Could Be Next Year’s ICO?

Security Token Offerings (STO) is one of tech perception as initial coin offerings along with diversified tokens required by an asset. It is a business for something valuable accessible tokens.

Clear the track for digital customs management

Innovative IT is changing the way businesses manage their customs processes and service providers. What is the current state of affairs,and what are the prospects for the future? A new study has the answers.

Tips and Tricks for Purchasing Equipment

In industries like manufacturing & construction, equipment is vital to the success of a job. Buying ineffective equipment can delay a project, but it can also be catastrophic for the output. We put together some tips to help you find the right equipment.

Cybersecurity; no laughing matter

A recent comedy show light heartedly looked at whether we should be worried by cybersecurity risks. It proved no laughing matter and neither is it when it comes to supply chain systems.

Be sure there’s no slave labour in your Black Friday warehouse

Warehouses need a lot of additional labour to fulfil BF demand, and workers are already scarce. At the same time, cases of modern human slavery are up 35% in the past year and the warehousing sector is considered a higher risk.

6 Ways to Increase Operational Efficiency

Every manager wants their plant to function at peak performance. They want to get as close to "perfect" as possible. Here are six ways you can streamline your organization to help it reach its full potential.

No-deal Brexit and its impact on EU-only traders

In September 2018, the government published letters of advice and guidance for EU-only traders in the UK, outlining how a no-deal Brexit might affect them. How should companies prepare for customs procedures they’ve never been exposed to before?

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