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Ensuring Data Security When Using Wireless Networks

Modern retail is heavily geared towards mobile users and consumers should be nervous about sharing their data, as not all retailers are able to provide a fully secure network.

Before or after Brexit: why supply chain success depends on global trade and customs procedures

Increasing global security concerns, ever-stricter bans and restrictions, upcoming changes in light of Brexit: why companies should scrutinise any customs barriers blocking their global logistics workflows now and in the future.

Maximize Product Value via Effective Labeling

The material cost of labels may seem small in comparison to most products, the value of accurate identification can be huge. Following are several best practices to mitigate risks and technology available to assure accurate product identification.

Manufacturing ‘curate’s egg’

Post-release of the Annual Manufacturing Report of 2017, Peter Laplanche reflects on the good and disappointing aspects as he sees them

Automation and Technological Innovation is Crucial to the Future of Ports, Part 1

Reviewing the notes from four terminal conferences, held on three continents, all during the month of April, one cannot help but see the convergence of the industry, globally, on a single major theme: automation. But why now?

6 Ways CMMS Maintenance Software Boosts Workplace Safety

CMMS or computerized maintenance management systems offer a huge variety of benefits for manufacturing facilities, right from streamlining asset management processes to improving daily operations.

Hidden business risks: bans on indirect provisions

Most companies know that they need to screen all business partners against sanctions lists. But are you aware of who owns all the companies you are trading with? How do you manage what’s known as “bans on indirect provisions” in your organisation?

The Robots Are Coming

Fear not. The arrival of robots and AI is far from the beginning of the end for warehouse personnel. The last 35 years or so have already witnessed some remarkable and life-changing technological advancements.

Suppliers are checking you out, are you keeping an eye on them, too?

Most companies will undertake some level of due diligence on their customers for regulatory needs and to set credit terms. Yet due diligence with suppliers, and the supply chain in general, often does not receive the same level of rigour.

6 Ways MES Integration Can Make Manufacturing Leaner

Information sharing between the manufacturing floor and business systems can bring manufacturing to new levels of efficiency.

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