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Richard Gilliard

Renovotec is the UK’s largest independent rugged hardware and maintenance, software and services company. Managing Director Richard Gilliard has helped lead the organisation for over 25 years, supporting customers across many sectors including warehousing and distribution, transport and logistics, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, seaports and field mobility. Richard's drive is to enable firms through…

Don’t move; improve!

While the industry trend is moving towards more digital solutions sometimes it pays to look after the devices you have while you decide on the best strategy for business.

Smartening up goods in

More needs to be done to streamline and improve processes around inventory control and management as it's costing both time and money.

Manufacturing ‘curate’s egg’

Post-release of the Annual Manufacturing Report of 2017, Peter Laplanche reflects on the good and disappointing aspects as he sees them

Control your print environment; learning lessons from the ‘frontline’

Managed print services are in widespread use in front offices but less so in industrial spaces yet there is much to be gained in both cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Smart delivery or dystopia?

How does industry really feel about the cloud, big data, IoT, smart devices, do they see them as an opportunity or a threat?

Plug and play printers?

Some marcomms materials lead you to believe you can just take a printer out of the box to replace one that has reached the end of its working life. But there's many things to consider, particularly if it's a mission critical device.

Could line matrix printers help revive supply chain profitability?

In the rush to embrace laser printers, few organisations realised that TCO could be six times higher than line matrix technology. Is it time to rethink choices?

Taking a Lean approach in 2016

We’re not talking Christmas excess, we’re talking Lean thinking beyond the warehouse door. Managed Print Services (MPS) is widely used in front offices to reduce both cost and waste yet few enterprises have considered it for their back office machines.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas deliveries; what can possibly go wrong?

Black Friday 2014 will be forever remembered by those retailers and manufacturers who ran hugely successful promotions generating increased sales but who failed to have the appropriate supply chain logistics in place.

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