Indispensable Software Solutions for Haulage Companies

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The way haulage companies do business has changed drastically in the past decade, with the emergence of intelligent software that not only allows them to work smarter and faster, but also more profitably. 

The ability to collect, analyse and report on data from every aspect of a haulage business enables managers to make more informed decisions and create strategies to improve efficiencies. Even for independent owner operators, investing in some of these indispensable software solutions can make a huge amount of difference. 

The advanced capabilities of the huge range of software solutions on the market allow for some or all of the following features.  

Automated Dispatch & Driver Management 

Efficient and effective dispatching is critical to providing the best possible service to clients. Automated dispatch software assigns jobs, tracks drivers and monitors schedules, freeing up dispatchers’ time and giving them fingertip access to the ‘big picture’. It allows them to see and manage every aspect of a job, from client identity and location, to driver scheduling and cycles, real-time status updates and the ability to send SMS alerts to clients.

The software also provides managers with the facility to send live messages and updates to drivers with regards to traffic and delays, as well as to keep track of mandatory rest and meal breaks. This kind of fly on the wall visibility for where a driver is in their work cycle means a better service for clients and enhanced capabilities for fleet scheduling.    

Maintenance and Vehicle Management

Fully customisable vehicle management software uses data collected from trucks out on the road to minimise risk and maximise efficiency, by tracking things like fuel usage, mileage, driver behaviour, wear and tear, tyre performance and operational environment. It ensures that regular maintenance is carried out at the appropriate time and can even pre-empt mechanical problems in order to anticipate and reduce downtime.

Mapping Routes 

For haulage companies that do business from one end of the country to the other, route optimization software is invaluable. Every route needs to be cost efficient, and that doesn’t necessarily equate to the fastest one. The software can calculate the optimal route based on aspects like number of stops, traffic conditions, load size, the best approach to a stop, and even down to details like the number of corners and intersections along the way. 

Tracking Mileage & Managing Fuel Tax Costs

Tracking a vehicle’s mileage is imperative to staying on top of cost efficiency. In order to keep a fleet fully optimised, understanding the location, scheduling and capacity of every vehicle allows for greater transparency and also for reporting and analysis of data in terms of future planning.

GPS tracking data can also be linked directly to tax software in order to ensure all expenses, mileage and running costs are correctly calculated for taxation purposes. This is particularly helpful for haulage companies operating in multiple states, territories or countries. It not only saves huge amounts of paperwork, it also reduces administration costs. Investing in this relatively simple software can generate huge savings across an entire fleet.

For haulage companies, embracing technology is a no-brainer. These (and many other) software solutions not only provide valuable data for future strategizing, they also allow managers and owner operators to get out from underneath the administrational pile and focus on running and growing their business.

Georgina Henders

Georgina Henders is an author and copywriter. She has been writing for Haulage Exchange for nearly 20 years and has an expert level understanding of the logistics industry.

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