Some Pitfalls For App Failure That You Must Avoid

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There are simple reasons apps fail.

After talking to several successful Indian app developers, the following reasons were collated as the usual causes of app failures.

Building an app based on assumed need

Some Indian app developers said every app is meant to solve a problem so before you build an app, you must identify a need. But sometimes what some app developers take to be a need may not be a real need. According to these Indian app developers, some people end up building an app that people don’t need as much as the developer had thought.

To avoid falling into this pitfall, upcoming Indian app developers should always carry out a survey to confirm the need before they set out to build an app. In addition, some new Indian app developers also make the mistake of not setting out immediately. You need to understand that technology advances at a very fast pace so immediately you confirm a need, you should embark on the development immediately. If you wait too long, some other people may launch several apps that can solve the same problem you are planning to solve with your app.

In fact, as a rule of the thumb, the result of a survey is only valid for just 3 months. If you are not able to start the project up to 3 months after the survey, it is necessary to conduct the survey again.

Including too many functions

Another set of successful Indian app developers believe that some people make the mistake of including too many irrelevant functions in their app thereby making it clumsy and difficult to understand. Of course, this strategy may have impressed app users long ago but it no longer does. Chances are there are other apps made specifically for those other functions. So, it is better to focus on only a few functions that are related to the purpose of your app.

Besides, offering too many functions will make your app difficult to navigate and it will also make it unnecessarily large. It is needless to remind you that large apps are turn off now because of limited memory space.

Putting a price tag on apps

This is another common cause of app failure. Why would people pay to download your app when there are several other free apps solving the same problem? In fact, it has become absurd to put a price tag on app download. Even if your app has superior features to others in the same field, the price tag will discourage prospective users from even trying it out for free. So, never make the mistake of putting a price tag on your app. Find other means to make money from it.

Numerous ads

While pop-ups and ads may be bearable on PC because they take a negligible amount of PC screen, they are very distractive, annoying, and frustrating on mobile devices because they take up considerable amount of screen space. Allowing numerous ads will only turn users off. And when the number of users drops tremendously, your ad contracts may be withdrawn. Unfortunately, there are so many apps with numerous ads enabled. This makes users drop off as soon as they start using it. So you should probably disable popup and ads.

Sometimes, this can be disabled but most device users may not be tech savvy enough to be able to handle that. So, ads and pop-ups should be disabled on apps.

Poor promotion

Some app development companies do not expend enough resources on promotion of the app. They forget that marketing, advertisement, and promotion of any app are as important as developing the app itself. Promoting your app may not be very necessary several years ago when there were only a few apps. But now that there are millions of apps around, it has become so difficult to get noticed.

No matter the fantastic qualities in your app, nobody will download it if they do not notice it. Poor promotion is like the proverbial “winking in the dark”. You are the only one that knows what you are doing.

Once you are about to launch your app, spare no expense on promotion of the app. If you observe, you will notice that even successful apps that have hit 50 million-download mark are still being promoted. You should only stop promoting your app when you are about to retire it.

Supporting only a single platform

The operating systems for mobile devices are android, iOS (Apple), windows (Nokia), and RIM (Blackberry). Some apps work only on one of android and iOS. If your app supports only one of the operating systems, you have successfully halved your chances of success. It is better to make your app support at least both android and iOS.

As an alternative, you could develop 2 versions of the app – 1 for iOS and the other for android. It is not compulsory for both versions to get launched at the same time. You could launch one first and the other shortly after.

Lack of offline functionality

Some apps do not have any offline functionality so they can only be used with internet connection. Users do not like this. Even if they download such apps, they seldom launch such app and if they do, it will be for just a short period before they close it. So, it is better to offer some offline functionalities that users can enjoy without internet connection.

Irregular update

Some great apps lost its users because of poor follow-up updates. No matter how good your app may be, there will always be room for improvement. Once people use your app for a while and do not get any update, they will gradually drop off one by one.

Promotion gets users to download an app but only regular update based on feedback can retain them. This is why regular update is very important. Sometimes you may see an app that has been downloaded and installed over 10 million times having less than 1 million active users. It is because the developers of the app have poor retention strategy and regular update is about the most effective user retention strategy for apps.

Conclusively, there are other causes of app failure but the few outlined above are the most common ones. If you can avoid the pitfalls, you will boost your chances of success tremendously.

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