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The 7 Top Features of A Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software has numerous features like real-time information, cloud-based accessibility, and forecasting. These can help businesses boost efficiency, save costs, and mitigate risks.

What Makes A Device Rugged?

Rugged devices are used by businesses in different industries to work in tough environments. Unlike consumer devices, they are specially designed to withstand heat, shock, humidity and impact, without being damaged.

Creating ‘orders’ out of chaos

Ahead of the peak shopping season how prepared are manufacturers and retailers to deliver their orders and how warehouse automation can help.

Horizon-scanning for RAIN!

Gartner claims that by 2025, RFID/electronic tagging will be key components of supply chain technology solutions

Top FAQ's Rugged Wearable Devices

Covering definitions, system benefits, functionality and more, TouchStar Sales Director, Peter Marsh answers some of the most frequently asked questions around Rugged Wearable Devices

Warehouse automation; 60 years in the making

Warehouse automation has certainly progressed in the past 60 years but 80% of warehouses today are said to be lacking any type of automation so this is no time to apply the brakes

Unspent apprenticeship levy creates a £3bn opportunity for skills fund

£3.3bn in unspent Apprenticeship Levy funds show a clear need for reform and opportunity for a new skills fund that could help manufacturers drive growth.

The heat is on for sustainable last mile deliveries

Unprecedented summer temperatures have put sustainability firmly under the spotlight, and the need to improve logistics, especially last mile deliveries.

Why Rugged Handhelds?

With hardened touchscreens, shock absorbers and multiple data collection methods, what devices would fit with your business?

Ecommerce; playing the long game

Ecommerce is here to stay and in the same way that customers are adopting new ways to shop so too must retailers make changes to improve customer experience and profitability

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