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Asset Management Optimization Tips You Need to Know

Asset management is vital to success in materials handling, and, with the right tools, teams can better prepare for today's landscape. Smart tracking devices can significantly improve efficiency, with the help of digital analytics, automation and more.

Warehouse crisis management – How a WMS manages COVID-19 demand peaks

Whatever happens with the COVID-19 crisis, warehouses that are using WMS technology are certainly the best placed to meet customer expectations and have a future proofed operation when we emerge on the other side.

Never before have we needed to be so dynamic

To respond to the colossal demand that Covid-19 has placed on our industry we need to be agile and dynamic, which is where technology can help

8 ways a digital twin can add value in the warehouse – using WMS data

Digital twins bring deep insights into the way warehouses are planned, designed, operated, and optimised. By fine tuning the efficiency of a warehouse, businesses can ensure greater profit margins are secured.

Big data is going to be a significant factor in business

Big data technology plays a crucial role in understanding the target audience and customer's preferences in your business, and how it can help a business organization achieve various goals.

It pays to be genuine

Counterfeit printer cartridges and other fake products are a real issue for the consumer imaging trade but the industrial sector is not immune. Non proprietary supplies can affect performance and the life of the printer so it pays to favour OEM supplies.

You need to overcome warehouse management challenges

Managing a warehouse and its operations is a demanding but welcome challenge. Product handling, facility optimization and employee safety require equal parts conscientious management, well-trained employees and the right mix of culture and technology.

Location intelligence with geospatial data

While real-time location of a shipment or asset is an important data point for Logistics Service Providers, the personalized intelligence that can be derived from such data along with self-orchestration capabilities is the real value proposition

Prepare for even denser cloud coverage

Annual IT spend on cloud infrastructure has risen from virtually zero to $100 billion in a decade. Cloud networking now looks to be one of the next big areas for growth.

From Cost-First to Eco-First; A New Trend of ‘Lean and Green’ Supply Chains

Sustainability is a hot topic and will drive a trend of lean and green supply chains in 2020. This will see companies taking an environmental-led approach to improving efficiencies.

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