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Blockchain in supply chain management: hype or panacea?

It’s difficult to avoid the hype around blockchain and its potential benefits for supply chain management (SCM). But can blockchain really deliver on its promise and truly improve SCM reality?

How to feel more secure

With IT solutions being so mission critical in today’s world, people with computer expertise are understandably often in particularly high demand

Fast food on demand

The large-scale KFC/DHL distribution failure created headline stories, could the crisis have been avoided with on demand services, or did too many events conspire against it?

Visibility and business intelligence: the key to competitive supply chains in the digital age

In today’s fast-moving markets with rising customer expectations, quick reactions are crucial. But you can’t react without knowing what to react to. That’s why supply chain visibility and business intelligence are more important than ever.

Don’t shoot the messenger

When deliveries fail, customers largely blame the courier or retailer, even if they mistyped their address. How can companies minimise delivery failures through their print/labelling operations?

5 Key Metrics That Drive Higher Manufacturing Quality

Quality metrics are interdependent on and reflect the relative levels of performance of other functional areas of the plant, and are also leading indicators of production performance.

The art of product classification

Sifting through dozens of sections, chapters, and subheadings in the tariff nomenclature to find the right code: Classifying products tends to be a complicated process requiring high levels of expertise. Here’s how to simplify things.

10 Ways Real-Time Data Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Competing for new opportunities and growing quicker than competitors requires real-time data and the insights it provides. The rapid gains in manufacturing effectiveness that is fueling this industry's global growth are predicated on real-time data driving valuable analytics and insights.

The human and automation dynamic

The December 2017 edition of Manufacturing & Logistics IT features a Special Technology Report on Big Data Analytics, an area of technology that is playing an increasingly important role within digital transformation.

Choosing and integrating the right customs broker – a key ingredient for global traders

Many global trading companies outsource their customs management to customs brokers. What are the key aspects for broker selection, and how can businesses recognise and reduce the risks involved?

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