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Here are a number of detailed reports created by vendors and independent research analysts and organisations within the manufacturingand supply chain environments. The reports take an-depth look into all aspects of certain manufacturing and supply chain technologies, as well as trends within specific market sectors, executive overviews of ways to improve efficiencies, cost savings, streamline processes, manage inventory, communicate and collaborate with partners, suppliers within manufacturing, production and supply chain/logistics operations.




Making the Open and Shut Case - Free white Paper that looks at open versus proprietary voice systems.

Practice performance expectations for smart packaging

There seems to be a common expectation among radio frequency identification (RFID) newcomers that putting an inexpensive, passive smart label on a box will create an accounting nirvana. Download this white paper.

Integrated WMS, duty and billing solution does IT for InBond

Integrated WMS, duty and billing solution does IT for InBond

InBond required an automated warehouse management solution that would enable it to operate a multi-customer, real-time environment while incorporating duty management and compliance with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations as a seamlessly integrated solution.

Increasing security in the supply chain with electronic security markers

Joseph Pearson, business development manager, Texas Instruments Radio Frequency Identification (TI-RFid) Systems presents a white paper.

Software-based cable labelling is the lowest cost method

Software-based cable labelling is the lowest cost method

Research commissioned by Silver Fox demonstrates that their software-based cable-labelling scheme for the cable installation industry is more cost effective than dedicated labelling machines.

Perfect Order Metrics

Perfect Order Metrics

Driving collaboration in the food and beverage supply chain. An executive white paper.

Effective IT is Key to a Successful Outsourcing Strategy

Leading ERP Vendor, McGuffie Brunton Publishes "Outsourcing White Paper"

Maximizing RFID Performance on Consumer Product Cases and Pallets

This white paper identifies the product and packaging variables that affect the performance of RFID smart labels, and provides advice on the appropriate measures to take to addressdifficult data reads.

Understanding the Gen 2 Smart Label Supply Chain: What Retail Supply Chain Professionals Need to Know

This white paper details the Gen 2 smart label manufacturing processes to make retail supply chain professionals aware of the lead time requirements and how important their initial input is in keeping the supply chain demand-driven.

EPC Mandates, Momentum and Milestones in the Retail Supply Chain

The first-generation of EPC technology helped the market meet earlier mandates. Gen 2 will drive companies to remodel their supply chain business processes and redeploy their economic assets for long-term gains. Momentum built in 2005, will spark further RFID innovation in 2006.

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