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Here are a number of detailed reports created by vendors and independent research analysts and organisations within the manufacturingand supply chain environments. The reports take an-depth look into all aspects of certain manufacturing and supply chain technologies, as well as trends within specific market sectors, executive overviews of ways to improve efficiencies, cost savings, streamline processes, manage inventory, communicate and collaborate with partners, suppliers within manufacturing, production and supply chain/logistics operations.


Effectively Managing High-Performing, Business-Critical Web Applications

Effectively Managing High-Performing, Business-Critical Web Applications

This CA white paper offers insight into effectively managing high performing business-critical web-applications.

Designed to Manage Lean Principles

Designed to Manage Lean Principles

This comprehensive white paper from Epicor outlines the Core Methodologies that support Lean.

How a WMS Can Help You Increase Profit During Economic Downturn

How a WMS Can Help You Increase Profit During Economic Downturn

How is your business planning to survive during the economic downturn? The typical response is to stop all process improvement and technology projects and concede that we just cant afford it now. This line of thinking is a trap!

WHITE PAPER: How context-sensitive ERP software can improve supply chain efficiency in a tightening economy

Some key pain points in supply chains and how a different kind of ERP software can offer some profitable solutions

WHITE PAPER: How barcodes add brand value

WHITE PAPER: How barcodes add brand value

There cannot be many places in the world that are not familiar with bar codes

Infor White Paper - Integrated Transportation Management

How best-in-class companies reduce spend & improve on-time deliveries

Voice-Insight and Oracle White Paper

How new voice interpretation techniques can leverage existing mobile services infrastructures and improve on server based systems

INFOR White Paper - 5 Steps to improved Warehouse Performance

Learn the key processes that can positively impact any warehouse or distribution centre

White Paper: Making ERP Deliver On Its Promise to the Enterprise

This White Paper will provide an essential understanding of how traditional ERP implementations have set the groundwork within organizations to start capturing all information onto one true enterprise system

Past the Tipping Point

Transportation decision makers must now reevaluate their mode-selection strategies, while distribution network modellers must rethink their inventory and warehouse-placement approachesThis White Paper takes a close look at the supply chains core components and discusses what changes should be implemented now to avert problems and seize opportunities.

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