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Critical issues are thought provoking articles relating to strategy, legislation, technology, best practice and some of the most challenging business topics in the world of manufacturing and supply chain information technology. The articles in this section have been contributed by leading vendors, industry leaders, research analysts, trade associations and consultancies. 

This collection of articles cover a variety of topics relating to the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, transportation and distribution marketplace across Europe. They look at market trends, improvements in technology and some thought provoking comment on all aspects of optimising and improving efficiencies throughout the supply chain from raw material to finished product.

Other important topics covered in this section concern Health and Safety in Logistics with articles from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).Taxation, government policy, climate change, recruitment and training schemes are all covered, as well as educational opportunities at various UK logistics educational facilities such at Cranfield University


Demand driven manufacturing offers and delivers improvements

Demand driven manufacturing offers and delivers improvements

Move over traditional MRP.Make way for demand driven manufacturing.

Gipsy helps BAT Crane Upgrade

To overcome incompatibilities, Lifetime Softwares Gipsy Crane product was chosen.

Confidence Amongst Manufacturing SMEs Plateaus

SMEs in manufacturing continue to feel confident about the economic outlook in the UK but their confidence appears to have peaked, says the latest survey by the Tenon Forum conducted by NOP World.


Company wins six-year, 40 million supply chain contract to manage giftware ranges

TNT Logistics in Italy expands co-operation with Beta Utensili

The new agreement between Beta Utensili and TNT Logistics expands on the one signed in 2001 and deals with a wide range of Beta products varying from professional hand tools to safety shoes.

Competitive realities drive European logistics consolidation as global clients call for global capabilities

The last few months have been witness to significant consolidation amongst the major heavyweights in Europe's logistics sector.


Captaris Teamplate Workflow for .NET has been implemented to allow division members to track documents electronically to ensure both passive and active parties have access to the latest information.

Communications Rift Between the Board and IT Puts Businesses At Risk, New Research Confirms

1 in 2 UK IT Directors do not believe their business and ITStrategies are closely aligned. 70% see poor channels of communication as the source of misalignment. 38% of IT Directors believe business process failures have zero cost to the business.

Software system will transform businesses

SoftExpert consists of the most complete and integrated set of tools to fully automate and improve all processes related to quality of products and services.

Lack of inspiration stifles UK organisations

Research released by the Chartered Management Institute and DTI shows that an "inspiration gap" exists - marking a difference between how business leaders see themselves and how others see them.

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