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Critical issues are thought provoking articles relating to strategy, legislation, technology, best practice and some of the most challenging business topics in the world of manufacturing and supply chain information technology. The articles in this section have been contributed by leading vendors, industry leaders, research analysts, trade associations and consultancies. 

This collection of articles cover a variety of topics relating to the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, transportation and distribution marketplace across Europe. They look at market trends, improvements in technology and some thought provoking comment on all aspects of optimising and improving efficiencies throughout the supply chain from raw material to finished product.

Other important topics covered in this section concern Health and Safety in Logistics with articles from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).Taxation, government policy, climate change, recruitment and training schemes are all covered, as well as educational opportunities at various UK logistics educational facilities such at Cranfield University


Research shows confusion still reigns over compliance

Fewer IT directors claim compliance whilst more admit lack of knowledge.

Dont be too quick to jump through those demand-led hoops

Dont be too quick to jump through those demand-led hoops

The demands of tomorrows supply chain will be no less than those being experienced today. We, the consumers, are increasingly coming to expect better service and more reliability from our suppliers, the retailers and manufacturers. These expectations are resonating backwards and manifesting themselves at all levels through the supply chain.

Meadowhall truly is an International Award winning Centre

Meadowhall gained the Centre Productivity Category, awarded for The ARC (Accelerated Response Centre) Meadowhall's pioneering logistic and warehousing concept. The Centre beat off stiff competition from the Paisley Centre (UK) and Nine Centres of Rodamko Europe (Spain).

Capgemini, HP and Intel announce CP-Connect initiative to jointly help Consumer Products Companies strengthen links with Fulfillment, Trading Partners and Consumers

Capgemini Group, HP and Intel today announced CP-Connect, a joint initiative designed to help consumer products companies respond to customer demands more quickly, drive down costs in their supply chain,…


Leaders are performing well today, have a clear vision of market direction and are actively building competencies to sustain their leadership position in the market.

Stratus CA Framework launched for plant-wide IT "availability" lifecycle challenges in Life Sciences manufacturing

Named the Stratus CA (continuous availability) Framework(tm), it is a unified portfolio of comprehensive services and products that will reduce the complexity, cost and risk of deploying and maintaining operational continuity in highly regulated manufacturing environments.


- Growth weakest since Q4 2001 - Employment falls - New orders lowest since Q2 2003

A call to action for supply chain security

A call to action for supply chain security

For those of us in logistics, supply chain security is a part of our jobs. In many ways, logistics has been the "front line" of supply chain security all along, protecting assets in transit.

IT vendor marketing falling on deaf ears in the manufacturing sector

Survey reveals clear disconnect between IT vendors and the customers they are trying to serve.

Making smart choices in uncertain times

Making smart choices in uncertain times

Many companies that are responding to customer radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging requirements are surprised to learn they have a choice of RFID technologies to provide. They could receive another, negative surprise later if they do not make a wise choice.

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