Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain articles

Manufacturing and Supply Chain IT articles comprising case studies, product information, opinion articles, reports, new contract wins, product launches, opinion from the trade associations, government departments, research analysts, the vendor community. These articles are about specific industry IT solutions and topics relating to how improvements and efficiency gains can be made by the use of information technology within supply chain applications.

All topics are covered in these articles which include ERP/MRP, Manufacturing Software, Advanced Planning, Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Software, Automatic Identification/Datacapture, Voice-Directed Warehousing, Printing & LabellingTransport Management, Asset Management Software and Mobile Computing.


3PL Oakland International select PROTEUS for their warehouse management system

The company has a centrally located site in the UK offering 600,000 sq ft of warehouse space, with storage space for frozen, chilled and ambient food. The company also has a second facility near Dunkirk, France.


Ever wanted to know how to stay ahead of the race and ensure that your business is the most productive it can be? Well, help is on hand in the form of a seminar being presented by Welconstruct Customer Solutions and RedPrarie at the Williams F1 Conference Centre, Oxfordshire.

RedPrairie Announces Mobile Resource Management System for Tracking Assets in Real-Time

Newest Solution in DigitaLogistix Suite Supports Real-time Tracking and Management of Mobile Assets Using Advanced RFID, Barcode and Other Sensory Technologies.

Growing profits with CRM and ERP? Yes you can!

Placing customers at the heart of the business has been a long-held desire but in many cases technology has not matched aspirations.

SSA Global Fulfills Commitment to Deliver Supply Chain Excellence Worldwide

As a result of SSA Globals ongoing commitment to address the extended enterprise needs of customers worldwide, the company announced its supply chain management (SCM) strategy and solution offering.

Voice Technology Set to Streamline Warehouse Operations in the Nordics

Vocollect's Talkman T2 to bring enhanced accuracy, productivity and profitability to Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish distribution centres.

Bar Code Users and Their Performance

This report on information technology and manufacturing productivity is part of a larger study conducted in Fall 1997 on the use of 17 manufacturing technologies in the United States.

People buy from people - remembering names

Remember that a persons name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language, Dale Carnegie.

Feedback is the Food of Champions

Do you dread that moment when your boss says that he wants to give you feedback. More often than not we immediately expect the gotcha approach to management rather than heaps of praise and well dones

Lessons from a goose

Have you ever seen a flock of geese flying in a large V formation? The goose and the way that they organize themselves can teach us a lot about leadership, teams and organisations.

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