Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain articles

Manufacturing and Supply Chain IT articles comprising case studies, product information, opinion articles, reports, new contract wins, product launches, opinion from the trade associations, government departments, research analysts, the vendor community. These articles are about specific industry IT solutions and topics relating to how improvements and efficiency gains can be made by the use of information technology within supply chain applications.

All topics are covered in these articles which include ERP/MRP, Manufacturing Software, Advanced Planning, Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Software, Automatic Identification/Datacapture, Voice-Directed Warehousing, Printing & LabellingTransport Management, Asset Management Software and Mobile Computing.


Gateway to RFID success

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is set to provide the next big shift in supply chain IT. A much-needed support network for retailers, suppliers and packaging firms alike is led by not-for-profit UK standards body, e.centre. David Weatherby, EPCglobal project manager for e.centre explains what this means for industry.

ThyssenKrupp puts SATOs Industrial Label Printers to the Test

Industrial label printers are used in harsh conditions. Dirt, dust, and heat, combined with round-the-clock operation, call for robust equipment. A steel mill is a demanding environment and therefore the requirements for an automatic labelling system are equally high.

IT and industry the times they are achanging

IT and industry  the times they are achanging

The demand side is awakening. Cambashi reports on the findings of its latest quarterly review.

Can you pinpoint a faulty pipe before your profits leak away?

Can you pinpoint a faulty pipe before your profits leak away?

As blue chip manufacturing companies seek new methods to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase ROI, more and more are beginning to realise the key lies in making real time, mission critical data available to their shop floor managers at the point-of-activity.

Weekly report on viruses and intrusions

This week's report will focus on six Korgo variants, the Downloader.JH Trojan and a hacking tool called IPScanner.A.

IMIN launches to take the stress out of home retail delivery

Home shopping retailers who want to improve communication with their customers to prevent failed deliveries are the target for a new web based software application called IMIN.


Coding and marking specialist Imaje Ireland is setting a challenge for visitors to Pakex at Simonscourt, Royal Dublin Society, from September 08 to 09.

Meadowhall Initiative Revolutionises Stock Availability for both Retailers and Consumers

Meadowhall, one of the UK's leading shopping centres, has launched a unique initiative, which is revolutionising the availability of stock for its 270 retailers and millions of consumers.

Driving down costs

Driving down costs

Maintaining downward pressure on costs remains the key focus for Europes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), according to a new survey by Datamonitor for the enterprise software company Oracle Corporation.

RFID - manufacturers are still waiting for the facts

Ninety per cent of UK manufacturers have yet to even begin formal investigations into the potential of RFID technology.

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