Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain articles

Manufacturing and Supply Chain IT articles comprising case studies, product information, opinion articles, reports, new contract wins, product launches, opinion from the trade associations, government departments, research analysts, the vendor community. These articles are about specific industry IT solutions and topics relating to how improvements and efficiency gains can be made by the use of information technology within supply chain applications.

All topics are covered in these articles which include ERP/MRP, Manufacturing Software, Advanced Planning, Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Software, Automatic Identification/Datacapture, Voice-Directed Warehousing, Printing & LabellingTransport Management, Asset Management Software and Mobile Computing.


RFID - manufacturers are still waiting for the facts

Ninety per cent of UK manufacturers have yet to even begin formal investigations into the potential of RFID technology.


Leading edge technology is becoming the envy of the industry.

Are Supply Chain Software Providers Really 4 PLs?

There is an interesting phenomenon taking place right now within the supply chain sector. Unprecedented changes in the way the supply chain operates are placing new demands on IT systems while, in turn, developments in IT systems are opening up yet more novel ways of exploiting the chain - a self-fuelling cycle. Management can be forgiven for feeling insecure when making strategic decisions affecting the way they operate, or making decisions on their future IT infrastructure, in such a dynamically changing environment.

Transportation Software 2003

An Overview of the vendors, developments and trends in the transportation software market.

Supply Chain Management at 21

Management at a major consumer products company knew that to make an important merger work, the company would have to integrate its supply chain with that of its new partner. In fact, the…

Secure networking in manufacturing today and in the future

The creation of an efficient manufacturing supply chain involves linking together previously disparate and isolated elements into one continuous flow of processes and information. An optimised system for…

intY launches free IT security white paper for small businesses

SMEs rarely have the resource or knowledge to deal with the complexityof IT security threats and are opening themselves to data securitybreaches and legal action by employees and customers, according toresearch by intY.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

An inventarisation of the vendors, developments and trends in the Dutch WMS market.

The Benefits of Voice Activated Technology In The Warehouse

Voice activated technology is gaining greater prominence in the warehousing industry. It is seen by some as the source of a new generation of operational improvements in the warehouse, especially for activities like picking.

Outsourcing: The Next Wave of Supply Chain Value

Evolve to a network-enabled supply chain through transformational outsourcing to generate deeper cost savings, exploit technology investments and gain a competitive advantage.

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