Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain articles

Manufacturing and Supply Chain IT articles comprising case studies, product information, opinion articles, reports, new contract wins, product launches, opinion from the trade associations, government departments, research analysts, the vendor community. These articles are about specific industry IT solutions and topics relating to how improvements and efficiency gains can be made by the use of information technology within supply chain applications.

All topics are covered in these articles which include ERP/MRP, Manufacturing Software, Advanced Planning, Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Software, Automatic Identification/Datacapture, Voice-Directed Warehousing, Printing & LabellingTransport Management, Asset Management Software and Mobile Computing.


TiVA Services appoints Sense Internet to design and build a supply chain profiling portal

The Profiler application will launch in the autumn, and has already attracted FTSE100 customers who are keen to take advantage of the insight it will deliver into their complex supply chains.

New contract is the glazing on the doughnut

Krispy Kreme chooses PCMS retail technology solution.

SYSPRO system fits like a glove at Regent Medical

Newly formed company Regent Medical Limited has signed a deal worth nearly three quarters of a million pounds for the global implementation of Information Engineerings SYSPRO ERP system.

Netto Marken-Discount (Spar) in Germany decides for Aldata G.O.L.D.

Aldata G.O.L.D.s comprehensive and integrated functionality for the daily goods sector was one of the main reasons for Nettos choice.

Opus Voice in Dixons Rapid Response Warehouse saves merchandising costs at PC World

Dixons Group plc has made significant savings in its PC World retail store network by introducing Microlise Opus Voice picking technology to prepare shelf ready deliveries from its Rapid Response Warehouse in Newark.

New "Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS & ERP Providers" Book

Finding the best software is the author's goal in "Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS & ERP Providers".

The Production Company selects customer web portal and print management solution from Sanderson

The Unity print solution will support the companys growth and development plans.

Whos going to boss the supply chain now? By Paul Beaumont, WCI

Like a developing teenager the aerospace and defence industry is poised for another growth spurt.

VoCognition's WES2 voice warehouse system receives SAP integration certification

VoiceConnect integrates VoCognitions real-time, voice-enabled warehousing solution, the Warehousing Execution System (WES2), with the SAP R/3 software solution.

Weekly report on viruses and intruders

This week's report on viruses and intruders looks at three worms -Mydoom.P, Mydoom.O and Amus.A-, and two Trojans called Downloader.OG and Brador.A.

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