Four Things to Consider when Looking for 3PL Europe


By Alastair Cooke, freelance writer.

If you are currently considering a third-party logistics company partnership in Europe, it is imperative you properly evaluate its technological capabilities. With the world becoming more and more digitalized, logistics providers with advanced technology can offer a wide range of efficient and transparent services.

When it comes to third party logistics, there are a number of factors to look out for. This article will run through what to assess so that you can make an informed decision.

Advanced Technology

It is imperative the 3PL Europe is utilizing the latest technology in order to operate and so look for a provider that offers top tracking systems, data analytics and integration capabilities with your existing platforms The ability to monitor shipments in real-times, access detailed reports and streamline communication between the two parties can provide you with a competitive edge and ensure smoother operations overall.

What’s more, a tech-savvy 3PL can adapt more easily to evolving market trends and so assist you in ensuring you stay ahead of the game in what is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Enhanced Security Measures

It is important to partner with companies that take safety and security extremely seriously and so when choosing a 3PL, look for one that complies with industry standards and regulations and has sound systems in place that protect key data and financial information. 

Therefore, look to ensure that the 3PL company has robust measures in place including access control protocols, data encryption technology and regular security audits. By partnering with a reputable provider, you can work with peace of mind while further mitigating any possible risks. Transparent communication is also key around data handling practices and will foster trust.

Also note that when operating in Europe, all businesses must comply with GDPR. Additionally, if your operations include managing a bonded warehouse Netherlands, ensuring local regulatory compliance is equally important.

Scalability: Can the 3PL Keep the Pace?

As you enter the European market and grow, your business will develop at a swift rate and so you need a 3PL that will be able to match you and push you on. Ensure the 3PL has the capabilities and know-how to support you fully and help match your growth by increasing workload and the number of products it can manage. It is essential that the 3PL provider you partner is able to handle any increases in order volume that will arise.

As orders grow, the 3PL will need to maintain accuracy and speed. Not only that, but if things do go wrong when it comes to inventories, shipping and order accuracy, you need a 3PL that has a proven track record of putting things right swiftly as this will keep customers happy in the main as things can go awry on one or two occasions.

Strong Customer Support Services

Partnering with a 3PL provider that boasts strong customer support is essential to ensuring you can operate swiftly and efficiently. If any problems or issues arise, you need prompt assistance and support so that they can be rectified quickly, enabling you to continue with the task at hand and avoid any hold ups.

Response times should be fast and all moves to address any issues prompt. Striking up a strong relationship with the 3PL is key so that communication is open and you can receive full attention when required. Solid customer support means you will be able to navigate any logistical problems while also feeling looked after which will build trust and reliability between the two parties.

Summing Up

Taking the time out to conduct thorough research into 3PL providers will stand you in good stead when finding the right partnership. There are a number of key factors to consider to ensure smooth processes and efficient operations. From safety and security, to strong customer support, scalability and enhanced technology, the 3PL should help you to grow and actually boost your business, by matching how you deliver.

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