Kinaxis launches Maestro AI-infused supply chain orchestration platform


Kinaxis has introduced the Maestro platform, claimed by the company to be the only AI-infused supply chain orchestration platform with a combination of proprietary computational technologies and techniques that provides full transparency and agility across the entire supply chain — from multi-year strategic planning to last-mile delivery.

An evolution of the company’s flagship platform, RapidResponse, Maestro incorporates new, modern AI technologies to help teams move faster and smarter to master the complexities of today’s modern supply chains.

The Maestro platform comprises three layers: a supply chain data fabric connecting internal and external data sources into a single source of truth, an always-on intelligence engine that delivers real-time insights, predictions and adaptive solutions, and a seamless user interface, enabling business leaders to make faster and more valuable decisions than ever before, from anywhere and from any device.  

For example, in response to skyrocketing demand of a new EV following a high-profile celebrity endorsement, an automaker concerned about component shortages might ask ‘How do I prevent a stockout?’. Without missing a beat, Maestro’s generative AI-powered intelligent assistant will provide guidance based on supply chain best practices to ensure disruptions are absorbed and managed in real-time.
"It’s a challenging time to be a business leader in supply chain. Managing the complexities of global and regional supply chains, balancing agility, cost reduction and sustainability, and handling a steady stream of geopolitical, economic, and environmental disruptions amid a data explosion,” said Andrew Bell, chief product officer at Kinaxis. 

“Yet, with the right technologies, there's unprecedented potential to resolve this complexity and master uncertainty. Maestro provides total supply chain transparency, aligns advanced technology with specific challenges, and integrates diverse data—from social media sentiment to government regulations—bringing clarity to chaos so business leaders can sleep soundly at night."

National Instruments took part in the beta phase of Maestro’s generative AI capabilities and Ed Scott, chief program manager said, “From the moment our team deployed Maestro’s intelligent assistant, it was clear it would be a gamechanger. We’ve been able to significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes for users to maximize the value of the platform and we are eager to build on these initial successes as Kinaxis continues to roll out the full breadth of its AI capabilities.” 

What makes Maestro different: 

  • Seamless synchronization – Gain a comprehensive, always-on digital view of your supply chain, ensuring continuous synchronisation of data, people and processes for greater agility.
  • Be ready. Whatever happens. – Predict future scenarios with smart modelling and make informed decisions quickly to confidently navigate uncertainties and drive success.
  • Strike the perfect balance of accuracy, efficiency, and speed – Fuse machine learning, heuristics and optimisation for problem-solving, keeping your supply chain at the cutting edge.
  • Take your productivity to the next level – Automate routine tasks with AI and predictive algorithms, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities and boost productivity.
  • Empower your people to do more with more – Empower your teams with an intuitive tool that simplifies complex tasks and enhances efficiency, enabling greater satisfaction and achievement.
  • No data wrangling required – Achieve faster time-to-value by easily ingesting data from various sources without the need for schema definition; just drag, drop and go.

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