Benefits of Automation: Save Time and Resources with CDS


By John Hall, a customs industry expert, and member of iCustoms.

Every minute matters in the hectic world of international trade. Due to the massive amount of paperwork involved and stringent requirements, manual customs declarations are considered a time-waster. It can lead to customs delays, which may significantly impact your entire supply chain, including everything from process efficiency to customs satisfaction. This is where customs declaration software comes into play, providing a sophisticated and automated way of streamlining international trade and supply chain processes.

Challenges in manual customs declarations

Let's examine the laborious issues with manual customs declarations in more detail:

Data entry effort: Entering data manually is a major hassle of customs declarations as it involves greater risks of mistakes, which may lead to serious issues. Imagine a laborious and prone-to-error process of manually entering product descriptions, classifications, valuations, and other information for every shipment. Even a small spelling mistake can result in shipment delays and other problems.

Customs regulation research: It is full-time work to stay current with the constantly shifting customs laws across international borders. In the event of non-compliance, HMRC may fine you heavily or even hold your shipments.    

Product classification concerns: Determining the appropriate harmonised system (HS) classification for your products can be a complex undertaking. Erroneous categorisation may result in postponements, penalties, or even product seizures.

Document management hassle: Keeping track of important trade documents, invoices, and other documents manually can lead to their loss.

Complex error corrective procedure: Even a little mistake in customs declaration might result in a lengthy and daunting corrective procedure, requiring back-and-forth correspondence with customs officials.

Customs declaration software: A promising solution

To keep yourself away from all the aforementioned challenges and guarantee a seamless trading experience, implement customs declaration software. It makes trading a breeze in the following ways:

  • Data entry automation: CDS eliminates the need for human data entry by integrating with current systems to automatically pull in product information, invoices, and other pertinent data. This frees up staff time that could be used for more strategic work.

  • Guarantee compliance: By ensuring that your declaration follows the most recent customs regulations, built-in compliance measures in CDS lower the possibility of mistakes and delays.

  • Accurate classification: Customs declaration software precisely classifies commodities, helping you pay the right amount of duties and taxes.

  • Digital document management: CDS helps incorporate all of your customs documents digitally into the program to avoid the need for hard copies and to ensure quick and simple retrieval with a few clicks.

  • Error checking: To avoid expensive delays, the software automatically verifies that data entering errors and regulatory inconsistencies are corrected. Over time, this proactive strategy saves you money and effort.

Benefits of customs automation

Automation saves time, which translates into major benefits for your company:

  • Reduced data entry time: By streamlining the process and doing away with manual data entry, employees may focus on other duties like product development or customer service.

  • Faster clearance times: Automated declarations and error checking speed up the customs authorities' processing, shortening the time it takes for clearance and allowing your items to reach the market sooner. Thus, you can eliminate the need to wait days or even weeks for customs clearance.

  • Improved accuracy: Decreased declaration errors reduce penalties and delays and save you money and time on corrective costs.

  • Enhanced productivity: You may concentrate on growth and expansion by using the time you save on customs declarations to boost overall business productivity.

  • Decreased cost: Shorter customs processing times and fewer mistakes translate into cheaper customs fines and penalties, which boost your revenue.

  • Enhanced compliance: You can feel more at ease knowing that rules are being followed because automated compliance checks reduce the possibility of audits.

  • Scalability: No matter the size of your company, software can handle the rising volume of shipments as it develops, guaranteeing a quick and easy customs clearance procedure.


Shifting to customs declaration software is a useful investment for your business. By automating customs procedures, you can save a significant amount of time and boost your productivity. Break free from the time-consuming and expensive constraints of manual customs declarations by utilising automation now!

John Hall (LinkedIn) a customs industry expert, has 15 years of experience working with customs operations. Having been an integral member of iCustoms since its inception, he possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in both the technical and regulatory domains.

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