Smart Delivery Estimate empowers retailers to deliver on customer demands


Shipup, the post-purchase experts, has launched its Smart Delivery Estimate (SDE) product, a tool designed to redefine the online shopping experience by providing accurate and precise delivery estimates. This is a critical factor in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring online shoppers can make their purchases with confidence.

The implementation of more accurate delivery tools is instrumental in enhancing conversion rates for online retailers. In fact, Shipup’s recent consumer research* found that an accurate delivery estimate is important to more shoppers (57%) than a quick delivery (43%), SDE’s precise delivery predictions meet this consumer demand effectively.

The solution uses advanced algorithms tailored by country, ensuring that delivery dates are not only precise but also customised to specific logistics variables. Notably, Micromania-Zing witnessed a 12% increase in product page conversion rates post-SDE implementation, illustrating the direct impact of accurate delivery estimates on consumer purchasing decisions.

“Our Smart Delivery Estimate is more than just a technological advancement; it is a strategic tool that transforms how merchants connect with their customers. By providing precise delivery estimates, we can boost consumer trust and satisfaction but also directly enhance our clients' conversion rates and operational efficiencies. Our launch is about setting new standards in the ecommerce experience," said Agop Ashjian, CEO of Shipup.

“We are very satisfied with Smart Delivery Estimate. It allows us to deliver a high-quality experience by providing our customers with accurate delivery estimates. It has also improved our conversion by 12%. It’s a significant impact!” stated Samuel Vandamme, Head of eCommerce & IT at Micromania.

Transparency in delivery estimates significantly enhances customer satisfaction and fosters loyalty. Shipup’s SDE provides transparent delivery information right from the product page through to the checkout and tracking updates, establishing a trustworthy customer relationship.. This transparency not only boosts confidence but also reduces the instances of customer frustration, which often stem from deliveries that do not meet their initial promise - a top cause of customer dissatisfaction as reported by 49% of online shoppers.

The clarity provided by more accurate delivery estimates also leads to a significant reduction in customer inquiries related to delivery details. By integrating precise and reliable delivery information into customer touchpoints - product, cart or checkout pages - retailers can minimise the need for customers to seek additional clarification. This makes it easier for consumers and retailers alike. With clearer delivery details, the 47% of potential customers that drop-off due to lengthy or unclear delivery timescan be prevented, ensuring a smoother transaction and higher completion rates for online orders.

About the Research 

The research was carried out by Dynata on behalf of ZigZag and Shipup and covered 2,001 respondents in the UK.

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