Manhattan redefines supply chain planning for the modern age


Manhattan Associates has introduced Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning (SCP), claimed to be the industry’s first unified business planning platform that enables bi-directional collaboration between supply chain planning and execution systems. 

This solution enables planners to evaluate all operational factors in real-time, and align all systems, inventory and resources to a common business objective, such as reducing total landed cost or increasing speed to market. 

With traditional supply chain planning, inventory, labour, transportation and warehouse operations are planned and optimised in isolation. This approach yields fragmented strategies that often conflict with one another and lack feedback from the execution team.

According to Manhattan Associates, Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning is the first and only solution unified with supply chain execution to eliminate systemic and operational silos, unlocking enterprise-wide optimisation for the entire inventory assortment and all the resources required to flow it through the supply chain. From inventory and labour to distribution and transportation, all elements are synchronised and harmonised in real-time, seamlessly united under a single plan.

“The ability to coordinate with solutions like OMS, WMS and TMS is a gamechanger,” said Scott Fenwick, senior director of Product Management for Manhattan Associates. “Now inventory, labour and transportation planning can be considered together to ensure the optimal outcome to benefit the organisation as a whole. It simultaneously considers all these factors to smooth operations and deliver exceptional experiences at the lowest cost.”

Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning harnesses the power of AI to combine external data sources with internal patterns to produce more accurate and actionable demand forecasts. This innovative solution is capable of ingesting and rapidly processing vast amounts of syndicated data from external sources, such as influencer activity, industry-specific data sources, and localised data, all of which can influence and shape demand. 

Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning completes the company’s vision of a truly unified supply chain commerce ecosystem. Manhattan is uniquely capable of delivering this fully unified solution because of its technology platform architecture. All Manhattan Active solutions are cloud-native, microservice API applications, engineered to be extensible and evergreen, with regular updates every 90 days. 

Built on the proven Manhattan Active Platform, Manhattan Active SCP is the most modern, scalable, and adaptable supply chain planning solution on the market.

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