Flexitank as an Alternative to Tank Containers


KriCon Group BV is known for liquid tank containers. KriCon Group BV was formed in 2010. They opened their new Flexitank division in 2022. Their core values are safety and a personal and flexible approach. Kricon Group uses state-of-the-art equipment. With this new division, KriCon Group continues to bring new advancements to customers. Matthias Bombe is a well-known figure in the flexible tank market. He leads the Kricon Group's Flexitank division.

Flexitank Advantages

Flexitanks are a versatile and cost-effective alternative. The Flexitank is a multilayer polypropylene bag. It can fit inside any 20-foot dry shipping container. Flexitanks range in capacity from 14,000 - 24,000 liters. Flexitanks are used for one-way liquid transport. Flexitanks are sterile and won't damage products. This makes them perfect for food and non-hazardous chemical transport.

Flexitanks cut cross-contamination. That makes them ideal for transporting kosher and halal products. They are also great for any other products where cross-contamination is a concern. Flexitanks are perfect for wine, edible oils, and juices where flavor is highly valued. Every Flexitank comes with state-of-the-art accessories, linings, and bulkheads.

What to Consider When Using Flexitanks

Traditional tank containers should be used for hazardous materials. Solid tanks are also good for liquid cargoes that need certain larger sizes. They provide extra stability during transportation. Tank containers have supports and stronger construction. This makes them stronger than dry containers fitted with a Flexitank.

Each KriCon’s tank container can be modified to suit specific needs, such as size or extra stability. In EU and CIS countries, the larger capacity 23ft SWAP tank is used for lighter cargo. All Flexitanks from KriCon Group are manufactured to internationally recognized food industry standards. Due to the nature of the Flexitank, they should only be used with non-hazardous materials.

Flexitanks should only be fit inside good-quality 20-foot dry shipping containers by certified personnel. Thankfully, KriCon has certified fitting depot locations across the globe. KriCon uses only certified personnel to fit Flexitank in a container. That way they can ensure the highest quality and best customer service. Loading and discharging equipment is also available.

The downside to tank containers is managing container logistics. Empty tank repositioning is an aggravating expense. According to analysts, over $20B is spent on empty repositioning each year. Flexitanks can be sent to any part of the world. There is no need for empty tank repositioning. You can simply unload and remove the flexitank from the dry container. A folded Flexitank weighs about 60kg. That is why KriCon created the Flexitank division.

Which KriCon Equipment is the Right Fit?

Flexitanks are the best solution if it is a food or a non-hazardous chemical liquid product. A tank container offers more stability and possible modifications for hazardous products. They are good for trips across bumpy roads with extra jostling.

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