Logistics named 10th best sector for wellness perks


The logistics industry has emerged as the UK’s tenth leading sector for employee wellbeing, according to a new study.

The index comprises six criteria, including gym subscriptions or discounts, number of on-site gyms, number of benefits in wellness packages, cycle-to-work schemes, PT access for employees, and Glassdoor review score, at companies in each sector.

As 83% of UK businesses report experiencing a surge in employee demand for enhanced wellbeing benefits packages, those that can provide the best will help employees thrive and be an attractive hub for talent. Of the UK’s largest employers, the healthcare industry ranked ninth highest in the UK in the workplace wellbeing index, created by exclusive flexible wellness workspace provider UNTIL

Overall, the logistics industry ranked where it did due to an index score of 15.1 influenced in part by an average company review score of 3.8 which reflects employee satisfaction and the number of companies in the industry that were analysed. The retail industry has emerged as the UK’s leading sector for employee wellbeing, with Co-op being the only company analysed to fulfill all six index criteria for workplace wellbeing, with no other workplace in any sector offering PT access for employees.

The Co-op’s winning wellness ranking is reflective of the brand’s goals and objectives, being one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives that “exists to meet members’ needs and stand up for what they believe in”. The financial services industry came in second place with the highest industry gym discount score and a high offering of on-site gyms and wellness benefits. However, with an overall health benefits score and industry review score lower than the retail sector, financial services falls behind.

Capital One and Santander are pioneers for employee wellbeing in financial services, encouraging health and wellness with on-site gyms, gym-discounts and bike-to-work schemes. Ranking in fifth place is the professional services industry, led by EY, PwC and Deloitte. While having the highest overall score for industry health benefits, companies within the industry should focus on their cycle-to-work scheme offering and provision of on-site gyms to score higher on the index.

Manufacturing, food & beverage, utilities, healthcare and logistics round up the top ten industries for workplace wellbeing.

Dan Chappell, Co-Founder at UNTIL, commented on the research: “Corporate well-being is still far behind where it needs to be. With Increasing employee demands for health and wellness services/policies, corporate wellbeing can no longer be a tickbox exercise”. “Evidently, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies and industries as a whole to provide employees with their wellbeing needs, as around 83% of businesses have reported an increased employee demand for enhanced wellbeing benefits”

“While the retail sector leads the way for supporting employee wellness, there is still a lot of room for improvement across all sectors. The workplace wellbeing index criteria should be a goal and future industry standard for companies across the UK, rather than a rarity for employees and job seekers. Companies and industries reluctant to invest in the foundations of a supportive workplace for employee wellbeing may risk losing out on top talent unless they meet the demands of their workforce by enhancing their wellbeing benefits packages”.

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