Reduce Rugged Device Downtime with Mobile Device Management Solution


By Anthony Jefferson, freelance writer.

Rugged devices play a significant role in performing regular operations in the industries like high-tech, manufacturing, shipping, mining, construction, real estate, logistics, supply chain and transportation.

Rugged devices are specially built electronic gadgets with different materials and coatings to prevent damage in challenging environments and extreme temperatures. These are alternatives to our regular smart devices with more durability and a longer battery life. Workers use rugged devices on construction sites to avoid damage when devices are exposed to dust or drops. Mining areas have extreme temperatures and are in distant places; long battery life enables rugged devices to ensure continuity of work without damage to the devices.

Downtime for rugged devices can impact work productivity and cause operational disruption. At a retailer's shop, downtime can delay transactions, and customers might face several issues, leading to customer dissatisfaction. So, managing rugged devices for instant troubleshooting and minimal downtime is crucial.

Rugged devices use cases in various industries


  • Rugged barcode scanners and RFID help manufacturing staff optimize inventory management and minimize human errors.
  • Staff can collect real-time data to create reports and analysis to identify issues at early stages and comply with desired standards.
  • Technical staff utilizes rugged devices to check schedules and diagnose the breakdowns using various tools or applications.

Transportation & Delivery

  • Packaging and delivery staff utilizes rugged devices to take pictures and screenshots as proof of delivery to handle queries efficiently.
  • Dispatchers and other staff use rugged devices equipped with barcode scanners to track the packages and ensure accurate deliveries.
  • Rugged devices are used with GPS-enabled services to get real-time location of vehicles, ensure smarter routes or in-time delivery, and fuel efficiency.


  • Retailers use rugged devices to manage the inventory and update stock to ensure timely purchasing before stock out.
  • Rugged devices with POS systems enable retailers to streamline payment processes. Customers can pay online via bank accounts.
  • Staff can instantly reply to customers about product quality, details, and pricing using the data stored on rugged devices.
  • Admins and managers use rugged devices to update the pricing of products as they keep fluctuating. Integrating rugged devices with printers helps them to print tags and prices.


  • Rugged devices enable staff to manage and record incoming and outgoing goods details instantly.
  • Staff can easily find the best routes for optimal traveling and reduce errors. They can use barcode scanners to identify specific packages quickly for delivery.
  • Managers use rugged devices to assign duties and track workers' progress and workloads.

Why rugged device downtime is one of the core concerns for businesses? 

Data Loss

Workers cannot save the data on rugged devices during working hours due to downtime and can miss necessary data. 

Increased Costs

To troubleshoot issues or perform regular maintenance, technical staff needs to physically access the devices at multiple places, which can increase the costs.

Delay in Operations

Rugged devices in transportation and delivery services track the location and assist customers with accurate delivery or arrival times. Downtime can cause inaccuracy and delivery delays, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Survival Issues

Downtime of rugged devices in emergencies, especially in the healthcare industry and mining, can cause disconnection and delay in required operations, leading to a loss of human life. 

AirDroid Business MDM for reducing rugged devices downtime

AirDroid Business is a mobile device management solution developed to meet all the enterprise endpoints. AirDroid Business supports businesses to monitor, manage, and control Android devices remotely. Here are some incredible features of AirDroid Business that help to reduce the downtime of rugged devices.

Centralized monitoring and management

Admins can manage all the enrolled devices from a central location to ensure efficient working and improved productivity. They can access device cameras and screens to monitor employees' activities and take immediate actions remotely or on-site.

Remote troubleshooting

AirDroid Business helps technical staff in a company to remotely access devices and diagnose issues. After analyzing, they can update the device or network settings to troubleshoot problems. It helps them to reduce the downtime of all rugged and other Android devices enrolled in the management system. It also helps save costs for traveling to multiple locations for troubleshooting.

Remote control with Black Screen Mode

Admins can remotely control the devices and restrict device usage on the user end. AirDroid Business helps enterprises display dark screens on their devices, ensuring users cannot perform tasks. Dark screen mode displays a message that the device is under maintenance. It is important to note that the device is fully operational for admins.

Remote application management

Remote application management helps businesses improve work efficiency. AirDroid Business allows admins to manage application access on the devices. Admins can configure only required applications on the devices and then restrict end-users from AirDroid Business's Dashboard to install or uninstall any app. They can also view the application usage history to check the staff's work. 

Kiosk and policy

Kiosk mode allows admins to set device restrictions using single-app or multi-app kiosk mode. Admins can restrict only a single app on devices for staff with limited functions, and they can also select multiple apps for workers who need more than one application to perform their duties. A kiosk browser is the safest browsing mode for businesses to prevent data breaches. Admins can also configure various security policies for better productivity.

Timely alerts and notification

AirDroid Business alarms admins to perform necessary actions to ensure work continuity seamlessly. For example, admins will get alerts for battery recharge when it is below a certain limit. It also notifies for storage space, SIM card removal, network connectivity, and external USB attachment. It helps businesses secure and continue their routine tasks.

Location tracking and Geo-fencing

Businesses can easily track the real-time location of devices to ensure staff availability at required places. It also helps to find lost devices. Geo-fencing is an incredible feature of AirDroid Business that notifies admins when a device reaches a restricted area. It helps them to take action and save the device from damage instantly. 


Rugged devices are specialized hardware equipment with high durability to withstand high temperatures, dust particles, moisture, and drops. Businesses prefer these devices due to their long battery life and power to work longer. Manually reducing the downtime of rugged devices can be challenging for enterprises. So, they must prefer an MDM solution compatible with their rugged device OS to troubleshoot issues and reduce downtime remotely.

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