Fluent Cargo unveils multi-modal routing engine and platform


Fluent Cargo, an Australian technology company specializing in international shipment planning and research, has launched its multi-modal routing engine and platform.

The solution helps logistics professionals find the best ways to get any shipment to and from any location in the world using available modes of transport.

Users simply input an origin and destination country, city, port or address, and the system will immediately provide multiple shipping options.

Whether the shipment requires air freight, ocean freight, trucking, or other services, Fluent Cargo displays multiple route options, single or multiple combinations of modes of transport along with transit times, carrier information, and detailed specifics including the type of plane or ship used, capacity and more from thousands of service providers.

Fluent Cargo aims to democratize the planning and scheduling of the movements of international shipments and make the process as easy as planning a holiday.

"With Fluent Cargo, customers can plan their shipments with ease, accessing vital information on schedules, port-level details, and other factors impacting their shipping choices," said Fluent Cargo CTO Andy Greig.

Greig believes that logistics professionals will save significant time by using the company's website. "We know from our survey of how the industry performs pre-shipment research that freight forwarders spend many hours each week searching for routes, carriers, schedules and prices, visiting multiple sites to gather the data, then more time on other sites double-checking their findings. They can do all of that in minutes using Fluent Cargo.”

Greig added, “We anticipate that this groundbreaking platform will attract logistics providers, freight forwarders, and businesses across numerous industries to integrate Fluent Cargo into their operations."


The Fluent Cargo platform is now live at FluentCargo.com, and is accepting new registrations from the worldwide logistics industry — logistics service providers, and shipping professionals at businesses with both domestic and international shipments. 


Fluent Cargo is currently free of charge for users and will always have a free plan. Additional premium features are currently in development and will be rolled out in the coming months to create additional value for business and enterprise users beyond the free version’s capabilities.


The Fluent Cargo platform's advanced technology sources gigabytes of data from a multitude of partners, incorporating live tracking information of every aircraft and ocean vessel updated frequently. 

Additionally, Fluent Cargo compiles schedule data from hundreds of airlines (passenger and cargo) and ocean carriers, via both aggregators and direct integrations. 

This extensive data, which encompasses city, airport, seaport, road network, and shipping lane information, is integrated into a “comprehensive digitized global shipping network." 

Using proprietary algorithms, the platform rapidly parses this data to generate tailored search results for users based on their unique requirements. With a minimum input of origin and destination, users can further customize their search with preferences such as carriers, locations to avoid or route via, and even specific cargo requirements like size, volume, and type.

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