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By Joe Barnes, Regional Product Manager, Zebra Technologies

Is your business as optimised as it could be? Are your operations as streamlined and as sustainable as possible? It’s a serious question. One that’s well worth dedicating some thought to...

Today’s transportation and logistics operations are often complex, high-volume environments, driven by efficient processes and automations, and expectations around solutions that enhance accuracy and productivity. So how does your technology work for you? Is it helping you work smarter not harder, to maximise opportunities for revenue optimisation across your business now and in the future?

Integrating mobile printers into your transportation or logistics operations is the easy way to realise core cost-efficiencies while also equipping your mobile workforce with the power to print on demand so they can operate in the most effective way possible.

A Clever Way to Maximise Cost-Savings

Transportation and logistics providers often assume that to equip employees with mobile printers and scanners, they need to also purchase smart mobile computers to link those two ‘dumb accessory’ devices. But that’s not true – and they’re missing a trick. In fact, there are lots of functions that cost-effective mobile printers can perform without the need for more expensive ‘intelligent’ middleware. Because when you purchase a Zebra mobile printer, you’re actually making more of an investment in software than in hardware – and its smart software that drives the functionality and performance of the device.

In a transportation or logistics business, ‘print from the hip’ capabilities can be deployed anywhere across your operations and even to enhance the productivity of field workers in the most remote or challenging environments. A broad portfolio of accessories for Zebra mobile printers are available, ranging from cases, straps, and belt clips, to forklift truck mounts, docking cradles and vehicle power adapters.

Time spent by field workers on writing proof of delivery receipts, for example, could be time spent making more visits, collections, or drop-offs. Flexible and affordable mobile printers allow employees to print receipts and labels anywhere, improving your customer’s experience and optimising efficiencies for you.

Meanwhile, mobile printing capabilities in a busy warehouse environment, for example, can have a direct and positive impact on both labelling accuracy and staff productivity. They also enable workers to perform on-demand printing tasks such as the re-labelling of damaged or unreadable labels, new labels for goods in, cross-docking, pick and pack, and order compilation tasks. This all helps in preventing labelling errors and saving significant time compared with having to continually return to a fixed location printer housed on the other side of the warehouse.

Multiple Applications and Use Cases

Think about all the applications in a typical post or parcel delivery logistics operation for a minute.

At the point of delivery of a parcel, the post or parcel courier can quickly offer mobile print capabilities. Using the mobile printer as a companion to either a scanner, or a mobile computer, enables the courier to quickly scan the label on the item, process the action and print an instant proof of delivery receipt – or an e-receipt if the customer prefers. In the event of a failure to deliver, the courier can print detailed information regarding missed delivery and whether the customer’s parcel has been left with a neighbour, returned to the depot, dropped at a parcel shop, or left in a secure location.

Within a distribution centre, WLAN connectivity is an option for most of the product range, so tasks can be sent from a central cloud location straight to the devices before a driver sets out on the day’s delivery route. Zebra printers have plentiful memory capacity throughout a shift to perform functions like printing labels in the right format with the right information.

The use of linerless self-adhesive labels helps save time, while also reducing the hassle and potential slip/trip hazard of having a snake of yellow backing paper coming out of the printer. Intelligent feed of labels means that the next label is swiftly printed and delivered only when the previous one is torn off. This also helps enhance a brand’s carbon neutrality and sustainability credentials, thanks to lower waste and lower carbon emissions in the manufacturing process for linerless.

Mobile printers can also be used to optimise efficiencies in ticketing, tagging and labelling applications for all sorts of passenger transportation requirements. On trains and buses, a mobile printer saves significant time and effort for both operator and customer when it comes to issuing travel tickets. Car rental companies can use mobile printers to provide return receipts. And on drive-on ferries, adhesive boarding labels that comply with EU regulations to enable strict counts of vehicles can quickly be issued to stick to windscreens.

Fast and Efficient, with Full-Shift Capabilities

Wherever they’re introduced to help make your operations more dynamic, your mobile printers will need to be robust and reliable, delivering maximum flexibility and durability for a wide range of use cases. And you’ll want long-lasting battery performance for full-shift capabilities, with the ability to remotely monitor battery status across your entire print fleet.

Zebra’s cost-effective ZQ300 Series of mobile printers is ideal for transportation and logistics providers.

Whether your staff are printing out labels for items and orders on the warehouse floor, issuing a travel ticket or travel pass, or leaving a delivery notice at the customer’s doorstep, the ZQ300 Series is fast, flexible, and reliable. It’s the little mobile printer that can do it all – and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

An inside-the-four-walls model enables workers to print labels and receipts anywhere in the building, improving both accuracy and productivity. An outside-the-four-walls model can handle the elements, generate high-quality receipts and labels, and guarantee power for the longest shift in the field.

All models offer a fast wireless connection, plus class-leading battery and power technologies for full-shift power. They come with enterprise durability to handle everyday drops and bumps, and powerful ready-to-use remote management capabilities that significantly lower your total cost of ownership.

> More versatility, more value: With the ZQ300 Series, you can print receipts, labels or both. And we offer the most charging options for maximum flexibility to meet the scalability of your business needs – including large or small deployment, in-vehicle and at-home charging solutions.

> Optimal compatibility: The ZQ300 supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, switching from using it as a cloud-networked device inside a facility to using the same printer paired to a ‘mobile computer’ (either a Zebra enterprise device or tablet, or a user’s own iOS® or Android™ device) for off-site operation is easy, further enhancing workforce mobility.

> Durability by design: You get the best of both worlds with the ZQ300 Series – a lightweight printer, featuring superior industrial design to ensure user comfort all shift long. Choose between a sleek consumer-facing housing that fits into the most design conscious of business environments or a scuff-resistant, durable housing design that can handle all outdoor elements.

> Easy remote management: Optimise uptime by updating, monitoring and troubleshooting your mobile printers in real-time from a remote central location with Zebra’s one-of-a-kind Bluetooth remote management.

Device Security and Performance

The Zebra ZQ300 Series comes with integrated Print DNA software, giving you a level of security, device optimisation and customisation that simply isn’t available with printers from other vendors.

Print DNA combines our bespoke Link OS operating system for mobile printers with a suite of smart software products that drive the functionality of our devices – to help ensure that the security and performance of your mobile printers is optimised at all times.

These halo capabilities are always working for you in the background, enabling you to do things like lock down a device when it’s connected to your network, for example, or to seamlessly upgrade security patches without losing uptime. Print DNA also optimises battery performance to help ensure longer-lasting capabilities, with easy remote management of devices and battery status. You can even use it to customise the production of different label formats through one mobile printer.

With Print DNA, everything’s fully optimised for you, for an easy and secure ‘print-out-of-the-box’ experience:

  • Anytime, anywhere visibility and control
  • Split-second tap-to-pair simplicity
  • Consumes up to 30% less battery power
  • Bluetooth management - update, monitor and troubleshoot printer-related issues from a remote central location.
  • Simple integration with MDM systems

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Mobile Printers

Whatever industry you operate within or whether you’re looking to print barcodes, labels, receipts or tickets, we have the right Zebra solution for you. With the widest technology solutions portfolio of any manufacturer, we can provide a solution for any vertical, any challenge, any space and any budget.

Simply tell us about your specific transportation or logistics environment needs and we can scale our solutions up or down to suit your particular requirements and budget.

To discover more about the versatility and affordability of Zebra ZQ300 Series of mobile printers, visit

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