Dexory collaborates with DENSO Manufacturing UK, a global mobility supplier


DENSO Manufacturing UK (DMUK) is a global mobility supplier that develops advanced technology and components for nearly every vehicle make and model on the road today. Dexory (formerly known as BotsAndUs) has partnered with DMUK to unlock further benefits from automation at its plant in Telford.

Dexory’s way of offering real-time access into what happens in a warehouse has sparked the interest of DMUK operations teams. Having full visibility over their stock and storage operations is critical for any manufacturer. Dexory’s solution offers a continuous real-time feed on components’ locations and occupancy status in the storage facility, so production is never interrupted by procurement discrepancies.

Stock-taking is unanimously perceived as a manual and time-consuming process that many warehouse operations avoid. Mim, Dexory’s fully autonomous robot, navigates aisles to check each and every rack location - avoiding obstacles and complying with established warehouse procedures. The robot scans racks to identify empty locations and locate pallets of components in real-time, quicker and more accurately than when completed manually. 

By comparing the data collected in the real warehouse environment with existing WMS (warehouse management system) stock records, Dexory reconciles inconsistencies and closes the data loop. The end goal of its technology is to build a warehouse digital twin that offers real-time intelligence to inform and ensure zero-error procurement, with no disruptions to the production line and the wider supply chain.

By validating accuracy levels above 99%, Dexory has successfully completed a Proof of Value (POV) trial that exceeded established key performance indicators. DMUK is now considering a long-term deployment of this technology in Telford.

Andrei Danescu, CEO of Dexory comments: “Working with the DMUK team has not only been a fulfilling experience, but has also provided the insights we needed to chase our goal to disrupt how manufacturers keep track of their components and storage operations. We are really looking forward to what 2023 will bring in terms of our plans with DMUK and the future evolution of our technology.”

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