Innovative loading planning application in a new version


Goodloading - recognised as one of the top logistics startups in Europe, is currently working on a new version of the loading planner. Very soon, not one, but dozens of algorithms will be interacting with users. These include machine learning-based ones, which will evolve through the created projects.

Developers of the application have received funding to create new algorithms in collaboration with scientists and professionals in the industry to plan loading by considering both the laws of physics and the needs of logisticians. A new version of the application will soon be available, enriched with many innovative functionalities and with an enhanced layout, allowing the user to navigate the application even more intuitively.

Goodloading was created over five years ago and, according to its developers, has since gained many new features thanks to feedback from its users. The application includes axle loads, the possibility of loading several semi-trailers simultaneously or recommending a smaller vehicle to fit a given load. One of the most popular options is the possibility to generate a PDF file, which can then be sent to contractors or people at the loading place. ‘Our users' experience shows that they are able to save from 30 minutes to 2 hours when designing the loading process in our current version of the application,’ says Martyna Strzoda from Goodloading.

The new version of the planner will use advanced algorithms to assist in even more efficient planning of loading, making maximum use of the available space on the semi-trailer, container or pallet. ‘The new version will be far more advanced - there will be, for instance, a greater choice of load shapes and cargo spaces, or an improved stacking model. Also, the option to stack goods on pallets will be improved, in accordance with the rules of loading on this type of space,’ says Bogumił Paszkiewicz, CEO of Goodloading. ‘For the time being, we do not want to reveal any details, we will provide more information before the launch of the new version of the application,’ he adds.

Who will benefit from the new loading planner?

As the developers say - the application is used by companies in 90 countries worldwide. ‘It is not only logistics companies that want to optimise the loading process - our users include carriers, manufacturers as well as warehouses,’ says Martyna Strzoda from Goodloading. ‘Goodloading is the right choice for any company that handles different types of loads and sends them using multiple semi-trailers or containers,’ she adds.

What is more, thanks to the developed system integration, it is possible to connect Goodloading to external systems such as TMS, WMS or ERP. The integrated tools will gain a module that calculates the available cargo space automatically.

The new version of the application will be released in spring 2023 following beta tests with users.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Programme. The project is being carried out as part of the National Centre for Research and Development competition: Fast Track.


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