IoT experts connect in Lithuania for Telematics Vilnius 2022


On August 17 and 18, Lithuania staged Telematics Vilnius 2022 – global IoT platform Wialon’s largest community event.

The gathering saw more than 150 IoT experts from 51 countries come together to discuss telematics trends including fleet management, GPS tracking and IoT. The two-day event in Vilnius, a booming global tech hub and Wialon headquarter, culminated in an award ceremony where Wialon celebrated its best performing telematics and IoT partners worldwide alongside the top ranking GPS hardware manufacturers.

Telematics Vilnius 2022 brought together professionals from markets across Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa. The Wialon IoT platform is used worldwide in numerous projects in a large array of sectors including transportation, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, security, and smart city development. 

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, says: “Telematics and IoT solutions are playing an ever-growing role in enabling various industries to evolve ahead of the curve, not just in response to changing legislative and economic climates. European governments, for example, impose strict rules and protocols to ensure vehicle safety. 

“Carriers pay more attention to driving behavior control and cargo security. Rising fuel prices force companies to optimize their costs and monitor their fuel consumption more carefully. Telematics and IoT solutions help to reduce costs and solve the pressing last mile problem as well. Over the past two years, we have faced serious challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but resolving those challenges has given a major boost to many industries and lit a fire under the telematics industry as a whole.”

The highlight of the conference was the announcement of Wialon’s ‘Top Partners’ and ‘Top GPS Hardware Manufacturers’ of the year awards, unveiled during a gala dinner event. This year’s winners, regional telematics services providers who have connected the most devices to the Wialon platform in the last 12 months are: 

  • Europe: OVERSEER, Ukraine
  • North America: BrickHouse Security, USA
  • South America: Asesorias y Servicios MID, Peru
  • Central Asia: IMG, Uzbekistan
  • Africa: SLI AFRIKA, South Africa
  • Middle East: Location Solutions Telematics, UAE
  • APAC: NFinite IT Solutions, Philippines

The ‘Top GPS Hardware Manufacturers’ is the annual ranking highlighting the telematics and IoT hardware manufacturers whose devices have been connected to Wialon more frequently than others over the previous year. Solutions based on the Wialon IoT platform and using devices from 690 global brands are implemented in over 150 countries. This year’s winners are:

  • Teltonika Telematics
  • Navtelecom
  • Queclink
  • Jimi IoT
  • Ruptela
  • Suntech
  • Xirgo Global | Sensata
  • TOPFLYtech
  • GLONASSsoft
  • Galileosky

Telematics Vilnius 2022 was the largest event for Wialon’s international partner community since 2019, when it gathered almost 600 delegates. Across the two-day conference, there were presentations, workshops, and training sessions. 

Moreover, participants had the chance to attend an exhibition of GPS software and hardware equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. The items at the exhibition included trackers, sensors, and other devices that receive and transmit data for satellite navigation systems and are essential for IoT.

Wialon is a leading telematics platform, with over 300,000 telematics and IoT projects implemented worldwide. Historically, telematics has been widely used for applications such as managing transport fleets but today it is deployed for far more than simple GPS tracking. Wialon gives fleet operators access to forensic levels of data including advanced fuel reports and fleet efficiency analyses enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.

When used in conjunction with IoT technology, applications for telematics are limited only by users’ creativity. For instance, Wialon helps food and pharmacy delivery services control temperature during transportation and storage; it assists carriers in combating cargo and fleet theft; monitors tomato growing in Chile and sugar cane harvesting in Guatemala. It also enables train tracking; prevents road accidents in Ireland; monitors drivers’ behavior in the US; tracks public transport and even keeps beehives safe.

In October, Wialon will announce the winners of its third IoT project of the year. This is the world's only contest for telematics and IoT solutions providers, evaluating real-life IoT use cases which bring measurable value to clients and customers.

The next Telematics Vilnius conference is expected to take place in Vilnius in 2023.

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