3T-FourKites partnership offers enhanced cost and sustainability benefits to customers


Real-time supply chain visibility platform FourKites has announced that its carrier data will be used to enhance 3T’s global digital transport platform.

The deal will give 3T’s shipper customers access to FourKites’ supply chain visibility data, bringing them powerful flexibility in the way they use carriers, thereby reducing costs and improving sustainability initiatives.

“FourKites’ broad coverage of carriers in Europe allows us to give our customers a more comprehensive shipment visibility offering as part of our digital transport management software,” says Rob Hutton, Group Sales and Marketing Director at 3T. “That gives them more flexibility in the carriers they can work with, keeping both costs and carbon emissions down.”

3T is a UK-based global SaaS digital transport platform provider, whose transport management solutions dovetail neatly with FourKites’ supply chain visibility offering. 3T’s pioneering cloud-based platform provides a seamless shipper/carrier ecosystem with functionality including transport assignment, rate management and tendering, as well as automatic carrier allocation. 

It also facilitates supply chain collaboration by enabling AI-driven dynamic planning and execution across multiple accounts, harnessing real-time data to reduce empty running of vehicles. 

FourKites is the market leader in real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility, extending visibility beyond transportation into yards, warehouses, stores and more. The companies’ combined offering signals a paradigm shift in 3T’s ability to not only know the status and position of every shipment, but to also dynamically react to changes from plan.

“Giving 3T customers access to FourKites data will allow them to make better decisions, optimising the way they use carriers,” says Marc Boileau, Senior VP of Sales and Carrier Operations at FourKites Europe. “That has cost benefits for them, it improves their service to customers with almost no administrative work required, and it gives them the most accurate estimated times of arrival available in the market today. We are thrilled to be working together with the 3T team to better support their customer base.”

Carbon reductions

3T already gives customers multiple options to capture carrier data. However, with the addition of FourKites’ real-time supply chain data, 3T customers will now have all the data necessary to complete their operational visibility picture and ultimately help them reduce both carbon emissions and costs through improved resource utilisation.

“We see a huge efficiency opportunity for both shippers and carriers by using data to identify and reduce empty running across the industry. This will be essential to meet our collective environmental targets,” says Rob, and it’s why this partnership is so exciting for us.” 

This is just one aspect of the improved planning shippers can achieve with the 3T-FourKites partnership. 

“You’re likely to get a good price by placing a shipment on an empty running truck,” says Marc, “so costs go down. But carriers have fewer empty runs, too, so they see driver productivity improve. It’s win-win. The better your visibility, the better you can plan to optimise your transport.”

In March, FourKites announced its Sustainability Hub, which offers granular emissions tracking, industry benchmarks, analytics and scenario modeling to help customers meet sustainability goals. 

In addition, the company offers Dynamic Yard, a new category of software that connects traditional, siloed yard management software with FourKites’ real-time supply chain data and predictive ETAs to provide insight into driver detention patterns, labor efficiency and more to reduce dwell and inform carbon reduction strategies. Last year, customers who used Dynamic Yard emitted 20% fewer carbon emissions than non-Dynamic Yard users through reductions in truck idle times.

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