Jabmo and Forrester analyst agree: Manufacturing and life sciences have different ABM needs


Jabmo, the provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare industries, and Malachi Threadgill, Forrester Principal Analyst, advise B2B marketers to consider their industry-specific needs when selecting an ABM solution.

In Manufacturing and Life Sciences, these requirements are unique and highly complex—calling for a vendor specialised in vertical-specific ABM. Threadgill and Jambo’s VP of Client Success and Strategy, Jonathan Alves, explore this topic in an on-demand webinar, titled, ‘Forrester Agrees: Manufacturing & Life Sciences Have Different ABM Needs’.

According to Threadgill and Alves, there is little differentiation between most ABM platforms in the marketplace today. Vendors approach everything, from strategy to orchestration to delivery, in a similar way. Moreover, most of these solutions were designed to support companies in the tech space, ignoring the very different set of marketing challenges and goals in Manufacturing and Life Sciences. This creates confusion for marketers evaluating ABM offerings, which can ultimately result in failed ABM initiatives lacking the right enabling technology.  

To zero in on an ideal, future-proof ABM solution, marketers should look for a vendor that understands the complexities of their industry and offers a platform built around their specific needs. Threadgill said, “Think about what pain points you’re trying to solve for, especially when a lot of the technology – not just the ABM platforms, all platforms – are described very, very similarly. Just make sure that you're looking at, ‘How can these companies help me get to where I need to go in a meaningful way? And do they understand the nuance, the ins and outs, of what I'm trying to achieve?’ And that's where the true differentiators start to show.” 

For Manufacturing and Life Sciences companies, Threadgill and Alves recommend selecting an ABM vendor that will help their marketing teams: 

  • Focus on account expansion, rather than winning net-net accounts 
  • Reach and engage entire buying groups, known and anonymous members alike
  • Streamline and accelerate long, complex buying processes
  • Execute successful campaigns, even with limited marketing resources   
  • Deliver actionable insights to the right sales reps at the right time 
  • Run privacy-compliant, international campaigns, with no restrictions on location or language.     

Threadgill continued, “We encourage everyone looking for these types of solutions to really understand the nuance of, ‘How is what I do different from the broad technology focus that a lot of the platform descriptions entail? How do I go and be successful with what I need? Am I going after a few very, very large organisations that have unique, long sales cycles? Or am I going after very broad, easy-to-buy purchases?’ Depending on the answer to those types of questions, the outcome of what you're looking for may be very different.”

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