Minimising supply chain disruptions: What are the alternatives?


Yakkyofy, an Italian company in the import sector, has launched a new Luxury Concierge service that aims to address the problem of sourcing products from China.

With the pandemic first and the conflict in Ukraine later, more and more companies have found it difficult to find the products they need. This led to reduced sales and even to the stop of the activities.

According to Investmentmonitor, 75% of supply chain executives experienced disruptions either in their own networks or among their suppliers. 90% of supply chain executives said that supply chain resilience is now a top priority for their business. For these reasons, there is a race to find new supply routes, especially to avoid direct trade with Russia-Ukraine-Belarus, and China is the first of the alternative markets.

In order to resolve these problems, the Italian company Yakkyofy, today launched a VIP service that, like a Luxury Concierge, personally helps entrepreneurs in all stages of sourcing goods from China. From selecting a reliable and qualified supplier, to checking quality control on a product sample, to home delivery. 

This is a turnkey service; entrepreneurs will receive a quote including all expenses: from products, shipping, up to taxes and customs clearance practices. Yakkyofy will take care of everything: from the purchase of the goods, to the verification of documents up to home delivery even in Dropshipping.

Yakkyofy can even help a company create a product line directly in China. The entrepreneur provides the project and Yakkyofy offers solutions for its implementation. 

In just a few days, Yakkyofy’s team will find a factory able to make the product, check the quality of the goods, negotiate with the supplier the timings, costs and details of the production and send the customer a complete and reliable quote also for products and packaging branded with the company logo. 

In short, Yakkyofy provides a complete service that provides a solution , not only to supply chain problems, but also to logistic problems.

According to MarshMcLennan, in 2021, more than 1,200 freight trains/month ran between China and Europe, transporting almost 1.5 million containers. Many of these trade routes from China transit through Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on their way to Western European destinations.

According to an internal survey by Confindustria and publications by EBC publications,  in recent months there has been a logistical problem on a global scale, and more than half of the companies register shipping difficulties created by the war, even on trade routes other than Russia and Ukraine (57.2%). Many central junctions with Asia are located in that area which now is blocked, creating difficulties both in train, air and in road transport.

In this situation, a company such as Yakkyo srl, with decades of experience in importing products from China, is able to provide alternative solutions both regarding the supply and the shipment of goods to entrepreneurs in difficulty.

In 2020, during the first months of the Covid health emergency, Yakkyofy was able to source and deliver millions of masks to different pharmacies and public administration offices in Italy. 

The secret that makes the company competitive is its technology. In fact, thanks to his Image Recognition algorithm, Yakkyofy is able to provide product quotations in just a few seconds. Entrepreneurs send the link or photo of a product they are seeking, and Yakkyofy's technology will find the same product, or the most similar, within their huge supplier database.

Yakkyofy software can also be connected with most eCommerce stores, making it possible for the customer to fully automate the entire procurement and delivery process of the goods that are sold online. 

Yakkyofy’s main buyer personas are entrepreneurs who need to source products in China, companies that sell on Amazon FBA and eCommerce that ship by Dropshipping or Cash on Delivery. If you are one of them, visit their website or contact them for more detailed information.

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