How Mobile Tech Can Improve Manufacturing Productivity

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By Rosana Beechum, freelance writer.

Manufacturing is an industry that seems to have been ignored in recent years. Most people have watched as the world is slowly digitised, and forgot that things still need t made as a result.

As new computer technology becomes more readily available, the issues regarding manufacture are going to be neglected. New technology isn’t the enemy of the manufacturing process, though. In fact, some of this newer technology, such as the smartphone, can actually help improve manufacturing productivity. Let’s look at a few ways that this is possible.

Sharing Data

Smartphones are used by everybody nowadays. It is almost impossible not to encounter someone that has their face buried in a phone during your daily routine. People spend so much time on these devices because of their ability to connect us. You can use a smartphone to communicate with anyone, even without being on the internet.

With this in mind, you can see the advantages of having these devices in a manufacturing work space. Firstly, everyone already owns a smartphone so there is no need to provide the tech. Secondly, your team can use their smartphone to connect and share data throughout the business quickly. This approach can save you so much time in a day, increasing your productivity tenfold.


Training up your team can sometimes be a slow process. Most of the time, you need to have access to the machinery the new staff members will be using. This can halt your company’s progress as you need to shut down the machine to show them how it works. Time is money, and if your machines have stopped; you are losing profit. Also, it may take even more time for these new employees to get used this tech, making their early days a little slow.

With smartphone technology, you can share the training details with your staff before they join the team. You can send over schematics and the warehouse layout and set them up on a rota before even setting foot in the building. These devices cannot replace actual in house experience, but they can give your new employees a sizable head start, which will save you time to continue being productive.


Walking around with a smartphone is the equivalent of carrying a computer in your pocket. These devices may only be small, but they sure are influential. As a result, your team is likely to be holding onto some very powerful equipment. Therefore, they can hop onto their smartphone and make any of the necessary calculations they need to in the blink of an eye.

Manufacture is a difficult process, and one small mistake could mean that you have to start a project from scratch. Having smartphones around the warehouse greatly reduces the risk of calculation error, which means that you can do more work in the long run.

Furthermore, the devices remove the need for you to invest in expensive computer technology.


Not everything in manufacture and production can run smoothly all of the time. Sometimes machinery will slow down, or break completely. It is likely that you will have trained staff on hand to deal with these problems, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

Your staff are now able to receive any maintenance help they require now that they have the means to access the internet from wherever they happen to be. Therefore, they can simply google any maintenance issue they come across, no matter how large. If the issue is small they can probably find the instruction to fix it themselves before you even realise that there is an issue. Productivity can be resumed and they are also prepared for the next time they comes across the same malfunction.

What’s more, they can use the internet to find and converse with other professionals that can help them make repairs. On site help lines are becoming more prevalent in customer service, so keep an eye out for any useful forums that can assist with any maintenance concerns that you may have.

Access To All Information

The smartphone doesn’t only have access to websites that can assist you with maintenance issues. The internet is a global hub that holds all of the information you could possibly need. Therefore, you or your team can find the solution to any problem that comes up on an average workday.

The main advantage to this access is how fast this information can be gathered. There are some sites dedicated to the field of manufacturing. Everyone is sharing information so quickly that it is highly unlikely that someone hasn’t already found the solution to your problem already. Getting over a hurdle is now as easy as performing a quick google. This means that there will be fewer reasons to shut down your workforce because of small issues. Plus, you may even stumble across even more ways to increase your productivity.

You Can Make It About You

The main advantage of having a smartphone in the field of manufacture is that you can tailor your phone plan to you as an individual. Every company will provide different data packages and call limits to suit each customer. Some companies even run a SIM only plan, such as Lebara. The Lebara SIM only plan tethers your plan to the SIM rather than the phone, which means that you can share the data between phones.  Whatever your need is, you are bound to find a phone plan that suits a person's need in manufacturing.

Saving Money

As you can probably tell, smartphones in the manufacturing industry can save you money overall. Almost every point made in this article can provide an example of how phones in the manufacturing industry are making the process more cost-effective.

Forget about not having to buy new equipment, sharing data can save you money on software. The ability to google can save you money on hiring outsourced experts, whereas finding your own phone plan can save your company money on large monthly call bills.

When you have more money at your disposal, you may be able to expand your operation to make more stuff. Perhaps you could even hire more staff to get the job done.

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