3 Ways to Simplify Your Product Packaging Process


By John Moran, freelance writer.

The product packaging process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. When it comes to logistics, using all available venues to save time is essential for improving performance. However, you cannot skip steps because this can have harmful effects. A poorly sealed product is at risk of damage. A wrong label can cause the loss of an expensive product. Thus, any change must be thoroughly considered.

Read on to learn how to simplify the product packaging process.

1. Order Professionally-Printed Labels

An efficient way to simplify the product packaging process is to order professionally-printed labels for your products and packages.

Although you can create your own labels and print them yourself according to your needs, the DIY approach is not feasible if you have a large-scale business. Custom printed labels are a valuable investment because they can help streamline product packaging operations.

An important aspect to consider is that goods classified as dangerous must be labeled properly. Marking and labeling dangerous goods and shipments is a legal obligation. For example, when packing equipment that contains a lithium-ion battery, you need a un3481 label, ideally customized with your information.

Always check labeling requirements for each type of shipment. Ordering professionally-printed labels can help you ensure your labels do not lack crucial information.

2. Automate Parts of the Process

Although shifting to automation can be a significant expense, investing in an automated packaging line is the most efficient way to simplify the product packaging process. The output will increase substantially, leading to higher financial performance.

Taping and sealing is the most time-consuming step of the packaging process and requires a lot of hard labor. In addition, the stakes are high because a poorly sealed product may end up damaged. Thus, manual sealing can generate waste of products and packaging materials. Automation lowers the risk of waste and significantly speeds up the process, freeing your workforce from having to do repetitive tasks.

Automation can add speed and precision to the product packaging process.

3. Upgrade Your Packaging

Another way to simplify your product packaging process is to upgrade your old packaging and test new, innovative solutions. Optimizing old packaging can save you time and money in the long run. Moreover, new packaging solutions have a lower carbon footprint and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Upgrading your packaging is an extra expense that may not seem justified at the moment, but it has tangible, long-term value. The right design can cut packaging costs significantly and also speed up operations. Place small orders of various packaging designs and test them before committing to one.

When upgrading your packaging, consider choosing alternatives with the least amount of plastic. Consider packaging that can be recycled or reused.

Product packaging is an essential operation that involves a lot of labor and costs. However, it is possible to achieve fast and reliable results by optimizing operations accordingly. Use the tips above to simplify your product packaging process and obtain peak performance. Any investment in this area will yield consistent, long-term results.

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