Targa Telematics launches Targa Smart Mobility


Targa Telematics has launched Targa Smart Mobility, a solution that integrates all the various forms of shared mobility under a single platform.

With Targa Smart Mobility, mobility operators can optimise the travel experience of their users by providing an intuitive and fast user interface. This reduces the number of vehicles and facilitates the transition towards electric ones, with a significant reduction in C02 emissions and the related environmental impact. Companies can also use the same solution to meet the mobility needs of their employees.

Amongst the services available, car sharing can be provided and managed in station based mode, which is mainly chosen for corporate solutions as it allows employees to plan business trips by booking a vehicle in advance and for the required duration. Alternatively, car sharing can have free floating mode, often provided in addition to the former, by local authorities or by multi-utilities that manage the public mobility service and want to meet the various requirements of users, such as the possibility of using the vehicle when needed. Additionally to sharing vehicles, vehicles such as mini-cars, bikes and scooters can be made available for micro-mobility. Lastly, the same platform can also integrate the energy component for managing connection with charging stations in the public or private network.

Targa Smart Mobility also integrates the car pooling service, which is increasingly generating interest in the market and allows the same journey to be shared by multiple users, mainly corporate ones, in need of travelling on the same route. For mobility operators, being able to access a platform that can integrate car sharing and car pooling leads to significant cost savings.

New forms of mobility are also becoming widespread in new areas, such as peer-to-peer, where the user can make his vehicle available to the community, generating revenue when not in use. This solution is proposed by specific long-term rental companies for the consumer market and by a number of insurance brokers. Moreover, this solution is also suitable for small communities, such as condominiums and hotels.

To make the use of Targa Smart Mobility even easier and more intuitive, the graphical user interface has been improved, focusing on the user experience and creating a new App which is completely customisable and available in several languages: French, English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Lastly, it is now possible to interact with the vehicle through Bluetooth, for faster communication with the vehicle, as well as to access services also in areas without data connection, such as underground car parks.

Moreover, in order to allow customers that use Targa Smart Mobility to fully make use of the service, Targa Telematics has developed a Business Intelligence tool that provides mobility operators with precise analyses which, starting from data collection and processing, can create new business opportunities. In this way, managers can constantly align their mobility strategy with the actual needs of their users.

“The Business Intelligence Service integrates with the Targa Smart Mobility solution and allows us to offer our customers an advanced and essential service in order to be able to intervene on the mobility strategy in a timely manner, based on certain and verified parameters,” commented Roberto Bordin, Product Owner Smart Mobility of Targa Telematics. “The ability to analyze data is not new but, thanks to the Business Intelligence engine and to the metrics, designed for these new types of mobility, the clear information available allows the mobility operator to take data-driven decisions.”

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