Silex Insight offers low-power embedded video solution for manufacturing and automotive


Silex Insight, provider of video codec and AV over IP solutions, has engineered a hardware solution for easy, low-energy, low-resource compression, and transport of high-quality video in industrial environments.

The IP block implements the Colibri video codec and can be easily integrated on all FPGA platforms used in the industry. It allows transporting high-quality video streams over standard IP networks, without introducing a noticeable loss of quality or delays. Uniquely, it also allows mixing video streams into a multiview application with only minimal additional processing and memory.

Using high-quality video in industrial IT networks is often challenging, even more so for in-machine or in-vehicle networks. Uncompressed video requires dedicated, expensive equipment and cabling, while compression schemes often involve expensive computation and quality loss. Silex Insight’s Colibri now solves the conundrum, by offering a near-lossless low-footprint compression to video streams that run over conventional network cabling.

Colibri is a lightweight codec optimized to encode complex graphical content and to preserve a visually lossless quality for video/moving pictures up to 4K60fps over 1GbE/2.5GbE/5GbE/10GbE. It is available as a hardware IP block that is easy to integrate and that runs smoothly on any FPGA, including low-power platforms used in industrial environments and smart manufacturing. 

Low complexity

It is a very lightweight codec, with low logic size and DDR bandwidth, which is ideal for applications which demand low power.

Zero Latency

The latency is invisible to the human eye, with 24 lines of video, which corresponds to 180 μs in 4K60fps.

100% Image quality

For complex graphical content, Colibri delivers crystal clear quality over 1Gb, 2.5Gb, 5Gb and 10Gb ethernet cable.


Offers a unique lightweight solution to build a multiview application with many video channels (as many simultaneous streams you need).

“Colibri is unique, delivering best-in-class crystal clear graphical content and can be easily integrated on all FPGA platforms used in the industrial environments”, said Jean-Marie Cloquet, Chief Technical Officer at Silex Insight. “Colibri covers all the requirements of the industry: low resources and power, zero latency, high quality, support for 8K, and it enables multiview”.

In addition to the Colibri video codec, Silex Insight also offers an add-on option of a 4K60fps AV over IP transmitter and receiver solution, called VIPER. It is perfectly suited for the Colibri video codec, supporting multiview and zero latency audio/video over IP. It features high resolutions up to 4K/UHD over 1Gb, 2.5Gb or 10Gb Ethernet cable.

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