Cegid launches Cegid Retail Live Store: a new generation of collaborative omnichannel in-store apps to help specialty retailers rapidly deploy the latest in-store innovations


Cegid, a retail software vendor, is launching a new cloud-based omnichannel and collaborative store solution to help specialty retailers - from fashion and cosmetics to jewellery – implement the latest omnichannel services in-store. 

This new generation of retail software works on all devices (whether fixed tills, tablets or mobile) and is available on any operating system (Windows, Android and iOS). Apps and constant updates for introducing new services like ‘distance selling’ and ‘Ship-from-Store’, means that retailers can stay on top of the latest developments. The solution sets a new pace for retailers, allowing continuous innovation as needs evolve and provides the ability to deploy new features quickly and easily.

“Retail is constantly evolving, and Cegid Retail Live Store is adopting the CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery) model, allowing retailers to deploy new services and features as and when needed, easily and more frequently. Deployment times are reduced from several months down to just a few weeks,” says Olivier Chiono, Director of the Retail Offer at Cegid.

The launch of Cegid Retail Live Store comes at a time when retailers have been grappling with store closures and a general move towards more shopping online, making the need to get shoppers back into stores by offering more digital services crucial. The role of store staff is also fundamentally changing, along with consumer shopping preferences, so new tools and services are required to make the store experience more streamlined, memorable, and enjoyable – both for staff and customers.

Chiono says staff will welcome tools that simplify the complex omnichannel process. Sales associates can navigate between a variety of apps on mobile phones or tablets to help shoppers find what they’re looking for, get customer insights and recommendations, as well as process payments directly on the shop floor. Staff can even access digital catalogues for endless aisle purposes thanks to integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Collaboration between staff, stores and HQ is improved thanks to collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams being integrated into the system. Training is also made easier.

Nathalie Echinard, Director of the Retail Business Unit at Cegid, concludes: “More than ever, the future of the store depends on the ability of retailers to adapt and offer outstanding customer experiences and useful services to consumers, while optimising IT costs and improving efficiency. Cegid Retail Live Store will allow retailers to make the most of their physical stores and provide a unified shopping experience to drive more sales and customer satisfaction.”

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