8 Reasons to Use Air Freight Services for Your Business


By Ken Jackson, freelance writer.

If your business requires shipping high value but low volume cargo, you’re probably considering air freight services. But there is often understandable hesitancy about actually following through with this idea.

Business owners, especially those running small and medium-sized companies, are worried about the cost and weight limitations of the cargo. Air freight is also more weather dependent than other modes of transport.

However, while these concerns are valid, there are far more benefits, mainly if you're using an air freight forwarder. If you're unsure what to do, here are a few excellent reasons why air freight can boost your business.


This reason alone is often enough to convince many. When your shipment needs to reach a destination fast, air freight is the way to go.

For international long-distance travel, air freight minimises the risk of delays, which are more familiar with sea freight. Plus, if you're shipping perishable goods, time is the most important factor, and air freight is the only option.

Easy Tracking

Efficient cargo tracking is a problem in some other forms of shipping, like road freight. But with air freight, that's not the case. Many freight forwarding companies ensure their clients can track the product via a web application.

They can see their cargo throughout its entire journey, from departure to arrival. This type of accurate updating allows the client to have the peace of mind they need. Especially if the cargo is incredibly valuable.

Global Delivery

In the early days of aviation, air freight couldn’t compare to sea. Now, you can have door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world with air freight.

Most major airlines have a complex and solid network of airports and destinations and cover impressive areas.

For that reason, air freight doesn't have any limitations when it comes to geographical access. The only exception is rural areas, which require the use of road freight as well.

Shipment Security

Air freight is one of the safest ways to move cargo. The risk of theft and damage during transit is low. Plus, all airports have special procedures to ensure the safety of passengers and aeroplanes. You can expect your cargo to be safer than on a boat or truck by using air freight services.

Low Cost of Packing

If you're shipping cargo via sea or land, packing is going to be more expensive. You have to ensure that all the bumps or falls are absorbed and that the cargo isn't damaged.

On the other hand, air freight requires much lighter packing. It not only costs less but expedites the entire process.

Furthermore, air freight eliminates the dependency on warehousing because shipments are rarely late. The entire inventory management becomes more natural and requires fewer resources.

Low Insurance Premiums

Freight forwarding services entail cargo insurance. This can often be a hefty burden on small business owners.

However, as air freight has faster transit times, the insurance premiums are significantly lower. It’s extremely uncommon for air freight to get lost or stolen, so insurance companies offer cheaper policies.

Legal Compliance

International shipping has one major downside, and that's all the paperwork involved. Fortunately, a freight forwarding company handles the administrative side of things.

Having all the documentation in order before the cargo leaves is not only a relief but a requirement for success.

But with sea freight forwarding, mistakes are common, as well as penalties. With air freight, there aren't as many complications and unforeseen obstacles along the way.


One of the most important aspects of shipping is staying on schedule. Delays happen, but they are thankfully rare.

Choosing air freight ensures that delays, theft, or damages don’t set your business back. This type of freight forwarding offers the most reliability and safety for business owners.

Flying Your Cargo Across the Globe

International shipping is often the best way to expand your business quickly. But if your operation requires special care and attention, air freight is worth the investment.

While costly upfront, there are many ways this mode of moving freight pays off in the long-term. Think of all the low insurance premiums and cost savings on warehousing and packing. These things add up fast, and before you know it, air freight is the cost-effective solution.

But it’s vital to choose a reliable air freight forwarder. GenX Freight offers exceptional and affordable air freight services.

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