Freight procurement going autonomous with SHIPSTA


SHIPSTA, the data-driven platform transforming logistics procurement, has launched its semi-autonomous freight procurement and optimisation solution. ShipstaSCAN uniquely integrates smart market monitoring with sourcing automation, so logistics teams can effortlessly transform their freight procurement and cut transportation costs.
Amid unprecedented volatility and capacity shortages in the shipping industry, logistics teams are under enormous pressure to control costs. But with limited transparency on freight rates and antiquated tendering processes, it is difficult to react quickly to market changes and capture potential cost savings without incurring a considerable administrative burden.

ShipstaSCAN integrates smart market monitoring with SHIPSTA’s powerful freight sourcing and procurement platform to deliver next-level intelligence and agility. It continuously scans the market for opportunities to cut freight spend, alerts logistics teams to potential cost-savings and then, with a click of the button, runs tenders and recommends the optimal supplier according to the specific need of the shipper, all at a lane-by-lane level. 
“This state-of-the-art product is a guided decisioning tool which perpetually and proactively optimises freight spend. It allows businesses to turbocharge their freight procurement and act faster than the market in order to capture valuable cost-savings,” comments Christian Wilhelm, founder and CEO at SHIPSTA. 
ShipstaSCAN provides unrivalled up-to-the-minute market rates powered by over 280 million data points. It also leverages SHIPSTA’s platform workflows and decisioning capabilities to offload the vast majority of tactical sourcing and procurement processes. With the click of a button, it can create request-for-proposals (RFPs) and source freight rates from suppliers. Its customisable algorithm then instantly analyses bids from hundreds of carriers to identify the optimal supplier, or combination of suppliers, according to the specific needs of each shipper. 
By activating ShipstaSCAN, shippers can dramatically increase the number of sourcing events on a semi-autonomous basis and achieve significant cost savings without additional work. Shippers can also use ShipstaSCAN to generate forecasts up to 9 months ahead, making budgeting and forecasting quick and simple. 
“Logistics teams are under enormous pressure right now to control freight costs, while also being tasked with strategic priorities such as resilience and decarbonisation. But many are drowning under a sea of admin with the majority of their time spent going through emails and analysing data on spreadsheets,” comments Christian Wilhelm, founder and CEO at SHIPSTA. “ShipstaSCAN helps them procure smarter and work smarter, so they can spend their time adding real value and delivering on strategic objectives.”  
SHIPSTA is providing free access to a basic version of ShipstaSCAN so shippers can view the dashboard and get a high level view of how much they are overpaying on freight. The premium version features live market monitoring, integrates with the shipper’s rate management to show a granular view of potential savings lane-by-lane and proactively delivers procurement recommendations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with single-click bid sourcing and procurement decisioning.

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