What is Proof of Delivery (POD) Software and Why Might Your Business Need It?


By Ron Evan, freelance writer.

Proof of delivery (POD) software seems like an unnecessary luxury for most businesses, but the immediate implementation of this technology can save you a lot of money. To save you from the potential headaches that can come from customer complaints of missed deliveries or damaged products, install proof of delivery software for evidence that all of your products arrived intact.

What is Proof of Delivery Software?

The logistics involved with packaging, shipping, and delivering a package is complicated, and it would be disappointing if an item is lost or damaged at the last second. Porch piracy and untrustworthy customers can make your business look bad if you don’t cover your tracks. Still, POD software can help your team capture delivery information at the time of delivery.

Proof of delivery software typically includes time and date stamps, GPS data, signature compatibility, and barcode scanning. All information, including all photos taken at the time of delivery, are sent back into the cloud. With this information, you can provide your customers with peace of mind and ensure you have plenty of proof should a delivery mishap occur.

How Could POD Software Benefit Your Business?

1. Capturing Electronic Signatures for Proof of Delivery

To establish an ultimate proof of delivery, you may need an electronic signature that can conveniently store in your POD software. For example, a customer can use their finger or the e-pen provided to make a legally binding signature from your delivery driver's mobile device. These captured signatures are especially useful if a delivery is finalized when the customer isn’t home because the program can send an email or SMS notification to all involved parties.

2. Increased Accuracy Through Automatic Processes

Delivery drivers have a big job to accomplish, and the delivery route features a lot of moving parts. Writing down information manually can add anxiety to an already stressful industry, which could lead to mistakes. POD software uses a check box system to ensure all data is recorded. Most systems won’t let drivers click “send” unless all of the delivery requirements are fulfilled.

3. Improve Brand Image by Displaying Professionalism

A rain-soaked package or a crumpled delivery notice won’t come off as professional, and your customers may question the integrity of your company. Sending an email, text message, or displaying the delivery contents electronically can help improve your brand's image. In addition, POD software can improve your brand's trustworthiness, which will lead to great reviews.

4. Real-Time Visibility Through Photography

Problems can occur in real-time, so it’s essential for your delivery drivers to stay connected with each other and with their managers. For example, if a customer calls to complain their package is damaged, their manager can see through the cloud whether it was or not. Whether the delivery driver damaged the package or not, the delivery company can offer incentives for the customer to accept the package or show proof that the damage occurred after delivery.

5. Productivity Rises Thanks to Quick Processing

POD software improved productivity by streamlining processing. Since delivery data is available to drivers through their phones, it’s easy for them to get through orders quickly. Now, your team can focus on high-value activities that produce more money for your company. At the same time, business owners can analyze metrics in real-time.

6. Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is Simple

It’s difficult to know what sections of your route need improvement if you can’t actively monitor your crew member's performances. With POD software, all KPI data points are categorized and presented in a visual matter that can help drivers phase out costly human errors. In turn, these KPI points can potentially speed up operations and increase visibility.

7. Easy Sharing can Standardize Processes

The information gathered by POD software can be shared across other business teams to help manage inventory levels and process returns quickly. Easy sharing can lead to faster billing and invoicing, which in turn will standardize your delivery process. Through electronic capturing, all personnel can use the same applications to follow a pre-set procedure and eliminate downtime.

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