Rethink how you run your warehouse and logistics with increased efficiency! Boost productivity and stay ahead with the cost efficient Unitech EA630 Line.


The rise of e-commerce is a constant challenge for warehouses and logistics management across the supply chain. E-commerce coupled with online customer demands is leading to exponential growth in warehousing, transport, and logistics. It is a constant challenge for employees by the increase of (bulk) storage and the demand for fast delivery.

Android smartphones and mobile computers have become commonplace in today’s enterprise. Many businesses choose Smartphones over enterprise mobile computers because of the lower price. The problem with this is scanning through the camera is slow and unreliable and smartphones frequently break in tough conditions. The solution is the Unitech EA630 line. You get the best of both worlds with smartphone level pricing, features and form factor with the toughness and high-performance scanning of a mobile computer. The EA630 line is ideal for a wide range of applications.

When deciding which mobile computer to purchase, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO). Smartphones have a low upfront cost but lost productivity through unreliable camera scanners and more broken devices quickly make an enterprise device worth the extra investment. The Unitech EA630 line has a highly competitive price and a compact, slim form factor, providing the main benefits of a smartphone.

The Unitech EA630 device has the advantages of a smartphones but adds many powerful features. This Android 9 (upgradable to Android 10) device with GMS and AED certification features an impressive 6” HD 18:9 high brightness readable (450 nits) display, 80% screen to body ratio design and snappy Snapdragon 636 processor. The built-in 2D imager provides much better scanning performance compared to a camera scanner, enabling the user to capture dirty or scratched barcodes with ease. It is a very rugged device with a 1.2 m drop as standard and 1.5 m drop with the boot case. The screen is the most vulnerable part of the device, but Gorilla Glass 6 and a 9H screen protector makes it much tougher with the EA630. The large 4000mah battery capacity frees you from the concern of battery draining during your working day as this battery is designed to have up to 16 hours operating time.

You can boost the functionality of the EA630 device with Unitech’s unique and versatile gun grip accessories to extend your data collection. From standard trigger gun grip to the Unitech RG630 (UHF/RFID reader/writer with integrated 2D imager) gun grip accessory. Easily add or remove the gun grip depending on your task.

The range of enterprise accessories extend the functionality of your device greatly. An optional dock with a display port enables you to run an external monitor from the EA630, which can replace desktop computers for some users, saving investment and allowing users to seamlessly switch between mobile and desktop work.  

Next to the Standard EA630 device, Unitech introduces the new EA630HC version. The Unitech EA630HC rugged smartphone is equal to the EA630 version and share the same accessories. However, the EA630HC is specially designed for environments following high hygienic regulations. This device meets the Ethanol safe standards ISO11737-1/-2 to withstand repeated cleaning and disinfection. Next to healthcare applications, this is a great solution for warehouse workers who work in shifts or working areas where different users will use the same device.

Contact Syntec for more information about the Unitech EA630.

“Based on our experience and based on the feedback from our customers who have already bought the Unitech EA630, we confirm that the EA630 line can help businesses stay ahead of this growth trend, with efficient and cost saving solutions. Based on today’s hygienic requirements within the enterprise we believe that the new EA630HC version is a great addition to this line.” – Sarah Rogers – Director at Syntechnologies Ltd.

For businesses considering smartphones for mobile workers or looking for a low-cost but scalable and effective mobile computer, the Unitech EA630 line is an excellent choice. Contact our Syntec team for more information and pricing on the Unitech EA630.




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